Can I Eat Bananas While Suffering From Diabetes?

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Diabetes is one of those chronic metabolic disorders, which account for lots of deaths around the world each year. Medical science has come a long way and several advanced medications have been invented to manage both type-I and type-II diabetes efficiently. But people are yet to make the most of them because of their little to no knowledge in this field. There are quite a few myths about the ailment. Knowing the actual fact can truly help you a lot in combating diabetes successfully. Today, we will talk about the relationship between diabetes and banana and reveal the truth, whether a diabetic can indulge in this superfood or not. Let’s start:

“Diabetics Can’t Eat Banana” – The Myth Busted:

Wrong. It is nothing but a misconception that has long been keeping diabetics away from the fruit. The truth is that bananas are absolutely safe for diabetics till they consume it in moderation and skip the overripe ones. Banana is a healthy fruit, even for people with diabetes. But, as the carbohydrate content and the glycemic index of overripe bananas may cause significant sugar spikes in our blood, many people end up believing that eating the fruit can aggravate their condition. However, consumption of under ripe bananas and that too in small portions all throughout the day is actually a good choice as it does not impact a person’s blood sugar level.

Carbohydrate Concern:

Eating more fruits means filling our body with lots of carbohydrates. Bananas are also not out of the loop. The carbohydrate content of an overripe banana actually represents free sugars and hence, results in diabetes. But scientists have shown that almost 90% carbohydrates present in a not-so-ripe banana is derived from starch, which do not raise our blood sugar levels. So, if you are a diabetic, indulging in under ripe bananas in between your meals will not harm you.

Glycemic Index Concern:

Similarly, green or under ripe bananas have much lower glycemic index than their overripe counterparts. As a result, they do not cause spikes in our blood sugar level and are safe for diabetics.

How To Include Banana In A Diabetic Diet?

Eating an extra-small banana (maximum 6-inches in length) or the half of a large banana during each meal is recommended for diabetics. According to dieticians, the carbohydrate intake of a patient with type-II diabetes should strictly be in between 45 and 60 grams for each meal, while a banana of this size gives only 19 grams of it.

The meal of a diabetic must be a perfect balance of fruits and starchy food. So, while including an extra-small under ripe banana, make sure that you do not take starch items more than one-fourth of your entire meal.

You can follow the ‘Create your Plate’ method invented by the American Diabetes Association to live on an ideal diabetic diet. For this, you have to consider your plate as two separate halves. Now, fill one half of it with non-starchy, low-carb veggies and the other half with starchy ones, lean protein, milk and an extra-small banana.

Facts To Remember:

Remember the below facts while consuming banana:

  • Try to spread your carbohydrate intake throughout the day so that the level of glucose remains normal in your bloodstream. It is always good to eat banana in very small portions in between your meals or snacks.
  • Do not ever include bananas in a dessert if you are diabetic. Foods containing sugary syrups will not only cause sugar spikes in your blood, but also worsen the situation to a great extent.
  • Keep a close eye on your blood sugar levels. It is of utmost importance that you monitor it regularly to avoid all sorts of emergencies.

So, if you are suffering from diabetes, you can definitely consume bananas, but please do remember the points mentioned above!

Stay healthy!

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