Can Eating Fruits Lead To Weight Gain?

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Do you scoff at the very idea of fruits making you fat? There are people who eat fruits according their special diets, and still do not lose any weight! Do fruits really make us fat? Or does the extra weight come from some other source? Well, the problem may lie in consuming fruits that are high on sugar! As most fruits contain high amounts of natural sugar, if you do not watch out, these can be converted into fat.

Can Eating Fruit Cause Weight Gain?

The natural sugar content in fruits does not raise the blood sugar levels as much as refined or processed sugar. Should you continue eating fruits? Here is given a guide which may help you decide!

Low In Calories, High On Nutrition:

Fruit are low in fat, high in fiber, vitamins, and low in calories. That is why most doctors and dieticians ask you to consume at least five servings of fruits in a day. Fruits also contain antioxidants and are a natural source of energy for the body.

Fruit Sugar:

The sugar present in fruits is called fructose. It is converted into sucrose and glycogen by the body. Though sucrose is 1 ½ times sweeter than processed sugar, it has a slower absorption rate. Refined sugar is simple carbohydrate that does not have any nutrients. So fruits should be consumed for their overall health benefits.

But What About Weight Gain Fruits?

Though fruits have many benefits, they still have calories. A medium-sized banana has 105 calories while a cup of strawberries has only 46 calories are some of fruits to gain weight. That is why, if you do not burn off your calories with exercise, you can put on weight, even while eating healthy fruits!

Less Fruits For Certain Medical Conditions:

There is a reason why people suffering from certain medical conditions require monitoring their fruit consumption. People suffering from diabetes have to be careful when eating certain fruits like bananas, grapes, and mangoes as they have high sugar content. They should choose fruits with low GglycemicIndex (GI). Fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe, raisins, and dry dates should be avoided as they have high GI content.

Moderation For Weight Loss:

Unlimited fruit consumption by people who are already obese can lead to further weight gain. Most of the times, the fruits are not eaten as a whole. They are combined in baked goods, as desserts etc., which in turn tend to pile on the calories. Sometimes, too much fructose can increase belly fat and slow down the body’s metabolism. A slower metabolism rate can, in turn, lead to weight gain. Avoid dried fruits like raisins and dates, as they are high in calories.

Since fruits have a sweet taste, the temptation to eat ‘just one more bite’ is ever present. People also tend to replace vegetables with fruits, as they are tastier. It is important to remember that while fruits are really good for health, it should be consumed in moderation or as a treat, if you are on a weight loss plan. Only two servings of fruits should be consumed if you face problem losing weight. In fact, it is even better to eat more vegetables to achieve your weight loss goals. Veggie sticks are better and healthier snacks than some fruits.

Fruits With Water Content:

Consume fruits that have more water content like watermelon and cantaloupe, and those that are citrus in nature like orange and grapefruit. They have more vitamins and minerals, but lesser calories when compared to other fruits.

Dark Colored Fruits:

Dark colored fruits are considered good for weight loss as they have more antioxidants due to their thick, dark skin. These fruits take their own sweet time to get digested and keep you fuller for long.

Fruit Juice With Sugar:

Fruit juices can actually pile on the pounds in our body! Though they have vitamins and minerals, they lack fiber. Moreover, we need at least 5-8 whole fruits to make a glass of juice, not to mention the sugar we add to make the juice more palatable! All these can make that innocent looking glass of juice fattening!

Fresh Is Always Best:

Canned fruits too are fattening, as they have added sugar in them for preservation. Consuming fresh fruits is always a better idea as they have lesser calories and are healthier.

Can eating fruit cause weight gain? No, those diet guidelines were not misleading you when they asked you to eat fruits. Fruits are healthy and can keep you fit and strong. But if you are trying to lose weight, you need to keep some points in mind. Moderation is always an important factor when it comes to losing weight. Do eat fruits, but do not binge on them! Also, try to eat fruits that possess fewer calories. Always try and eat whole fruits instead of fruit juice, and say no to canned fruits and juices.Hence avoiding these fruits can lower the risk of weight gain.

If you follow these simple guidelines, you will be able to enjoy the bite of your favorite fruit without any worry!

Do you eat fruits every day? Have they created problems with your weight loss goals? Share with us below.

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