Bronzer! For Your Legs!

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Bronzers can do wonders, not just to your face but to slim down your legs as well! its the technique behind the contouring that counts.

Wouldn’t you really love to have those sexy long legs that you see the runway models slaughter down the ramp in? Of course height matters but even then makeup can be used to make someone look taller or shorter.And as we have already stated, its the technique behind the way you use a bronzer on legs that counts. Here’s a sure shot makeup technique to make your legs look slender and sexy and long.

How To Use A Bronzer For Legs

waxing leg

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Step one:

Conceal the Spider veins or green veins that you might be having with a makeup sponge and concealer and also any cuts or bruise marks that you might be having on your knees .

Step two:

lancome flash bronzer dream legs
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Apply evenly a coat of foundation to make legs look evenly colored with the rest of the body.

Step three:

Apply a self tanning lotion. Even a little bit of it makes legs look thinner and slimmer.

Step four:

Apply bronzer with a makeup sponge not a blush brush , because legs will touch the seats and rub against each other or will touch your cloths , they will be in constant friction with clothing or sofa surfaces , so you don’t want your leg’s makeup to get worn out fast. Apply the bronzer on the shins and top of the thighs.

irene suarez
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All along the center of the legs at the back apply a line of bronzer from top to bottom. This give illusion of sleek legs from front Down and from the knees just at the two sides of legs apply bronzer not at the middle from front.

high heels

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Step five: 

Ur leg makeup is done, now wear a good pair of stilettos. Heels instantly force legs muscles to contract and make them look thinner.They not only add length but also define your calves and thighs making them look sexy and long and slim . But don’t wear high heels if you have back problems or problems of varicose veins or any sort of leg problem.
Now who does want a pair of sexy and hot legs?

miniskirt girl
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The final step: What to wear? Wearing micros ,or short pants or pencil skirts or skirts above the knees gives a more slender look to the legs or even a short one piece dress maybe .

Go flaunt your new found sexy legs.

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