Bridal Fitness: Get in Shape for a Wedding
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Weddings work as triggers for people who don’t usually focus on fitness and weight management in their daily lives. Why? Because weddings encourage women to look their best. Weddings are also stressful and tiring, and if you’re not big on stamina, then this could be a tough ordeal for you. Here are some useful pointers for gettining into shape for a wedding, whether you’re a guest, bridesmaid or the bride!

Fit Brides: Getting Started With an Exercise Routine 

Starting a new exercise routine depends on two primary factors- how much weight you want to lose, if any, and how much time you can dedicate to this fitness routine.

Moreover, the ideal time to start with your exercise routine is about six months before the wedding. This time frame is enough for a complete and healthy transformation. On the other hand, if the wedding’s just round the corner and you don’t have the luxury of time, then stick to the basics. First of all, realise that you are not going to shed more than a couple of kilos. But you could achieve some progress in muscle strength, stamina and overall inch loss. so, without losing a significant amount of weight, you’ll feel better and stand taller on your wedding day.

First things first…

Since you’re short on time, you will need to get that extra doze of help via a personal trainer or by following a strictly chalked out fitness regimen recommended by an expert.

  • Select the right program as recommended by your trainer. Work within a well established time frame.
  • Do not overstress yourself. Bumping up your activity levels the wrong way can lead to injuries, which would be the last thing you would want.
  • Don’t try to lose more than a pound a week. According to fitness experts, if it’s a six-week count down, don’t look for more than a 5-pound loss.
  • Don’t go hungry for long!  In fact this unhealthy habit can have an adverse effect on the way you will look on the wedding day. Starvation has negative effects on your skin and hair too and you surely don’t want to compromise on that!

HealthMeUp’s Secret Tip for Bride Fitness: Don’t buy the dress which you think or hope WILL look good on you. Shop for the one which looks good NOW. After all, your basic body type won’t change. Use this time to enhance your look with your workout, don’t aim at changing it drastically.

Choosing the Right Workout

Irrespective of what body parts you want to “fix,” experts tell MQDEE that the one area which every bride and bridesmaid must pay attention to is posture. It’s the fastest way to boost your overall look.

Where do you start? Start working on your upper thigh muscles which will help you stand tall in those high stilettos for a longer period of time. How can you tone those? For the fastest yet most effective overall wedding workouts you could go for just two things – dumbbells and a stability ball. For example, try sitting on a stability ball by lifting dumbbells right above your head. In this exercise you are not just working out your arms and upper back, but also your core muscles –your midsection area.

And for some cardio. While cradio by itself is not effective enough for healthy weight management, it helps to add 2-3 sessions of cardio a week to your bridal wedding workout.

Whichever pre-wedding workout you opt for, make sure you are regular with it for at least 30-45 minutes a day, three to four days a week.

To wrap your pre-bridal fitness workout, make sure you take a day or two off to relax before your wedding. This will have a positive impact on your upcoming event and the healthy new life you’re about to start!

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