BEWARE! These 5 Foods SHOULD NOT Be Taken Before Going To Bed

We all love food, don’t we? Especially when it’s bed time and we are not yet ready to catch some Zzzzzs.  We plunk ourselves into the sofa holding a fat bag of chips or a thick serving of our favourite dessert. And even before we know, we are tired and hit the bed; only to be disturbed by the irritable rumblings of our belly in the middle of the night.

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These foods, if successfully avoided before bed, can give you a good piece of sleep and great peace of mind!

1. Fried Snacks:

If you happen to be a hungry midnight person, then probably you will relate to this. When was the last time you munched a bowl of chips or a pack of French fries just because you were bored or couldn’t sleep? Such fried or roasted foods are high in fat content. They take a long time, possibly several hours to digest. And by the time your stomach is done with its digestion job, you would have been up the next morning hogging over something else.

Slow digestion interferes with your sleep and affects health in the long run. So the next time you are tempted to pick a pack of fried junk before sleeping, think twice..oh wait, don’t think at all. Just put that aside and head straight to bed.

2. Caffeinated Drinks:

That tickling smell of cocoa coupled with delightful visuals of brownish-white foam would be tempting. But believe me, feeding over caffeinated beverages like coffee would undoubtedly confirm you a sleepless night. The caffeine content in such drinks is basically a stimulant, which over-stimulates your nervous system robbing off your bedtime.

Maybe you can have it in the morning or maybe some other time. But not in the night. Not when your body desperately needs rest and you end up giving it the exact opposite.

3. Spicy Food:

I can sense your mouth watering. Spicy foods have an uncanny ability to entice our taste-buds. What we don’t know is that the resultant burn might last in our mouth longer than we know. Such foods can produce an excess amount of stomach acid which might cause heartburn or bloating in addition to a disturbed sleep. Also, the chemicals in spicy food can stimulate our senses, making it hard for us to fall asleep.

4. Sugared Items:

You love sweets, don’t you? Irrespective of the time and place, if you are offered a plateful of sweets and savouries you would forget the world around and dive into it with zeal!

Well, you can do that if it is in the morning or the afternoon. Evenings also are okay. But not in the nights. Sugared foods like candies or ice creams are filled with fat which take a lot of time to digest. Also, sugar is designed to boost your energy levels, something which you shouldn’t be wanting when you are preparing for a slumber.

5. Alcohol:

Consuming alcohol right before sleep would have serious effects. Though it might help you fall asleep faster, you might experience frequent disturbances. Headaches, night sweats and nightmares would follow making your sleep a miserable stretch of twists and turns.

If at all you happen to consume alcohol, do it four to six hours prior to sleep. It’s always best to cut the booze before going for a snooze.

So the next time your hands tend to move over any of these, step back and think twice. You might be giving away too much of quality sleep!

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