Best Thalgo Skin Care Products – Our Top 10 Picks

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The skin care industry is growing rapidly. This is good news for a multitude of people who are always on the look out for products that can help them look their best. Because a beautiful skin is the best accessory one can flaunt!

Thalgo is an Australian brand that offers skin care products that promises to give you the beautiful skin you always dreamt of! It manufactures a wide range of products that address all types of skin problems and are beneficial for all skin types.

Best 10 Thalgo Skin Care Products

Here are a few most popular products from Thalgo Skin Care Range.

1. Thalgo Foaming Marine Cleanser:

The cleanser is made from botanical and floral notes that purify and cleanse the skin thoroughly. It is very gentle to use and effective in cleaning and purifying the skin from within.

Price: Rs. 1700 for 150 ml.

2. Thalgo Cleansing Water 2-in-1:

The cleansing water provides a twofold action on the skin in single use. While you use it to remove make-up after a long and tiring day, it tones the face at the same time. It constitutes of micro-bubbles that leave the skin fresh and radiant.

Price: Rs. 2658 for 250 ml.

3. Thalgodermyl Purifying Extracts:

This Thalgo skin care product is meant for those with combination or oily skin. It gives instant and long lasting matte finish to the skin. The product is made of natural and plant extracts that are helpful in keeping the moisture levels maintained on the face.

Price: Rs. 4402 for 15 ml.

4. Thalgo Ultra Matte Moisturizing Fluid:

With oily skin, it is difficult to look fresh all day long. Ultra Matte Fluid from Thalgo gives instant matte finish and keeps the face fresh throughout the day. It also has anti-bacterial properties that prevents germ build up caused due to dust accumulation on the skin.

Price: Rs. 3906 for 50 ml.

5. Thalgo Resurfacing Cream:

For those with uneven skin surface and skin tone, this product works deep under the skin and helps restore the color and smoothness. The product is rich in Shea Butter that makes it smooth to apply and gets easily dissolved into the skin.

Price: Rs. 3162 for 50 ml.

6. Thalgo Hyaluronic Cream:

For women approaching their mid-thirties, this is an age defying formula. It prevents appearance of fine lines and fills the wrinkles that might appear with age. It is a complete daily skin care regime for your skin.

Price: Rs. 7999 for 50 ml.

7. Thalgo Ultimate Time Solution Cream:

The Ultimate Time Solution Cream is made for normal to combination skin and gives infinite softness on application. It rejuvenates the skin and keeps it young forever. The formula is based on cellular regeneration, which keeps the skin youthful.

Price: Rs. 11720 for 50 ml.

8. Thalgo Smoothing Brightening Fluid:

For those with dark, patchy or pigmented skin, this product works wonders when it comes to skin lightening and whitening. The formula boosts the production of youth proteins and shows effective results within 4 weeks of regular use.

Price: Rs. 6635 for 50 ml.

9. Thalgo Pure Velvet Cleansing Cream:

The Thalgo Pure Velvet Cleansing Cream is perfect for women who are looking for something to reverse the signs of ageing.It has a soft cleansing formula that can be used daily to keep skin problems that come with age at bay. It has a velvety and rich texture and has adaptability to change its work process as per the need of your skin.

Price: Rs. 3658 for 150 ml.

10. Thalgo Pure Freshness Cleansing Milk:

No matter your skin type, Thalgo has something for everyone! The Thalgo Pure Freshness Cleansing Milk is meant for all skin types. It deeply cleanses the skin after a stretched work routine. The skin gets replenished and repairs itself. It is also effective in removing makeup and is a must have if you use makeup everyday.

Price: Rs. 3534 for 250 ml.

These products are available at most online stores and are truly a blessing for your skin. The Thalgo skin care prices may look high at first glance but keeping in mind the benefits on offer, the money spent is worth it.

Have you used any of these Thalgo products? Which one did you like the best? You can feel free to share the Thalgo skin care products reviews in the comment section below.

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