Best Sephora Makeup Kits – Our Top 10 Picks

Who doesn’t want to look pretty and glam, I sure do! But with a plethora of makeup kits hitting the stores, I was often lost for choice, and came back home empty handed! Until I stumbled upon Sephora, that is!

Sephora was founded in Paris in 1970 and is a premier cosmetic brand. For decades, professional makeup artists from across the world have used Sephora products to give their clients a much desired make-over. So, to help you pick some stunning colours to glam up your look, here is a round-up of the top 10 Sephora Makeup kits!

Best Sephora Makeup Kits

1. SEPHORA Makeup Academy Palette 2013 Blockbuster Set:

Image : © Mqdee

Create innumerable looks with an array of shades; be it eye shadow, lip gloss, concealer, or blush. Long- lasting and top- quality, the colours are deep and will add a truly special touch to your face. Double- ended eye shadow brush, sponge tip applicator and blush brush are included to help you blend the colours flawlessly. From a fresh and dewy daytime look to a sensual and smouldering evening one, this palette will help you create it all!

2. SEPHORA COLLECTION 2012 Blockbuster Makeup Palette: 

Image : © Mqdee

This Sephora makeup kit looks small but packs a punch of colour! This kit will help you create exquisite looks with its different hues, textures and finishes. Put together in a trendy and convenient cube design that’s easy to carry, you can mix and match any combination of colours to get the perfect, long-lasting look for your eyes, cheeks and lips – even while you are on the move!

3. SEPHORA COLLECTION Colour Daze Blockbuster: 

Image : © Mqdee

The Sephora Colour Daze is compact, convenient and will help you glam up in a jiffy! This makeup kit comes loaded with cream eyeliner, top coats, eye shadow, and 48 shades of lip gloss, lip and cheek creams, blush and luminizer that are long-lasting. This is suitable for all types of skin tones and can help create any look ranging from elegant to vibrant to wild!

4. SEPHORA COLLECTION Smoky Studio 2: 

Image : © Mqdee

This compact palette from Sephora is the perfect partner when you are travelling or on the move. This kit fits snugly into any purse and its five colour theme allows you to create a combination of stunning looks for your eyes and lips to suit any mood and occasion. The three ready-to-use combinations in the mini palette help you match your eye and lip colour in an instant when you are running short of time.

5. SEPHORA COLLECTION Colour Play – 5 in 1: 

Image : © Mqdee

Sephora Colour Play is a great option to create combinations ranging from fun and quirky to elegant and sophisticated. The five sub- palettes are interchangeable, allowing you to keep your desired eye, lip and cheek colour combinations ready to use. The formulations are long-lasting and will keep you looking beautiful all day long!

6. SEPHORA COLLECTION Colour Anthology: 

Image : © Mqdee

Spruce up your eyes to match every season and celebration with Sephora Colour Anthology. Consisting of 70 intense and long-lasting shades of eye shadow, it will let you play around with colours to create the look you desire; be it smouldering and smoky, graceful, or vibrant and energetic. This makeup kit comes with a large mirror, so now you can glam up your eyes with ease.

7. SEPHORA COLLECTION Colour Bronze Palette: 

Colour Bronze Palette
Image : © Mqdee

This all-in-one palette lets you create a fabulous and stunning look anywhere, anytime! This nifty makeup kit comes with eight eye shadows, four lip gloss shades and a universal blush; for a variety of combinations that compliment all skin tones. In spite of its small size, this Sephora makeup kit is high on performance!

8. SEPHORA COLLECTION Spring in Soho Palette:  

Spring in Soho Palette
Image : © Mqdee

This is one of the most trendy and vibrant of the top 10 Sephora makeup sets. Ideal for women on the go, its deep shades and long-lasting colour ensures that you look your best throughout the day. Use any combination of earthy, pastel and pink shades for a gorgeous look for your eyes, cheeks as well as lips.

9. SEPHORA Artist Colour Box Makeup Palette: 

SEPHORA Artist Colour Box
Image : © Mqdee

This pocket-sized makeup kit by Sephora consists of 24 shades of eye shadow, six lip glosses and five eye pencils. A compact double-ended applicator helps you craft an endless number of colour combinations for your lips and eyes.

10. SEPHORA COLLECTION Plum Daze Blinged Palette: 

Plum Daze Blinged Palette
Image : © Mqdee

This palette features on the list of top 10 Sephora makeup kits not only for its compact size but also for its stylish Bling case and a range of colours. Eight shades of eye shadow, five luscious lip colours, blush, a dual-ended eye shadow and lip brush together lets you create the look you desire in a matter of minutes. Whether it’s for a corporate meeting, a date or a fun- filled holiday, prep yourself in an instant with the Plum Daze Palette.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and reveal your inner diva with the top 10 Sephora make up kits!

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