Best Running Shoes For Women – Our Top 10 Picks

Is going for an early morning jog every day your New Year resolution? Congratulations! To ensure that you don’t backtrack, I suggest that you immediately go shopping! Aha! That’s your favorite word, I guess. Well this shopping trip has a specific purpose and that is to shop for the right kind of running shoes. Trust me, once you spend a good amount on a pair of running shoes, you will surely go for that run.

Things To Consider While Buying Running Shoes:

Before we venture into the world of shopping, here are some points to remember while selecting the right shoe for you:

  • You should be able to slide the foot out even after lacing (not after tying, though).
  • The heel should be a little free to move.
  • You must not feel any pressure from the laces.
  • There should be at least a quarter of an inch space to spare ahead of your toes.
  • The tip and heel of the shoe, when flexed, should follow the contours of your foot.
  • The arch should get firm support.
  • If the fit is right, your foot won’t care for the brand, and neither should you!

10 Best Running Shoes for Women:

1. Reebok Lite Move Lp White Running Shoes:


Image : © Mqdee

The best thing about these women running shoes is their light weight, ideal for running and jogging. They are made of a breathable material and contain non-leather lining. The rubber sole adds extra flexibility to make the feet feel more comfortable.

Price: 1499

2. Fila Jog 101 Running Shoes:

Fila Jog 101 Running Shoes
Image : © Mqdee

Cushioned insoles and ankles, made of PU, mesh and Phylon, these shoes are great for women runners of all ages and sizes. They are affordable, attractive and long lasting. They also require minimal cleaning. They will prevent soreness of the feet as the cushioned interior protects the feet and ankles from shock.

Price: 896

3. Nike Women Black Downshifter 5 MSL Sports Shoes:

Downshifter 5 MSL Sports Shoes
Image : © Mqdee

These shoes sport a mesh interior and upper. They are fit for a comfortable run and support the foot by giving extra cushioning. The impact on the ankles and feet is reduced to a great degree by the rubber insoles. They are durable, require little maintenance and are supported by a 6-month manufacturer’s warranty.

Price: 3495

4. Puma Caliber 2 XT Running Shoes:

Running Shoes
Image : © Mqdee

Made from synthetic leather, these lightweight running shoes for women do not shy from rough terrain. Their stitched panel gives them strength to help you run effortlessly on rough patches. The cushioned foot beds and ankles ensure maximum support and comfort for the feet.

Price: 1375

5. Adidas Essential Star II Running Shoes:

Image : © Mqdee

Known for its sports merchandise, Adidas has come up with this shoe, especially for Indian women. The open hole mesh upper allows the free passage of air inside the shoe, keeping the feet dry and odour-free for hours. The midsole supports the arch and ankles in a most effective manner. It also comes with a 3-month manufacturer’s warranty.

Price: 2799

6. Bata Alive Canvas Shoes:   

Bata Alive Canvas Shoes
Image : © Mqdee

India’s own shoe brand, Bata, has diversified and specialized beyond imagination. It presents this super-light shoe with an attractive panel and stitch design. The textured sole and padded insoles provide comfort and support during a jog or run.

Price: 399

7. Prozone Shoes:

Prozone Shoes
Image : © Mqdee

This running shoe boasts of a factor that others cannot – a padded tongue – to protect the upper foot area. It also comes with a high-abrasion outsole which prevents slipping. The shoe is lightweight and affordable.

Price: 1123

8. Yepme Shoes:

Yepme Shoes
Image : © Mqdee

This shoe is ideal for both running and walking. It’s EVA outer makes it durable under tough weather conditions and for all terrains. It has a great outsole, ideal for a proper grip on most surfaces.

Price: 499

9. Lotto Zenith W:  

Lotto Zenith W
Image : © Mqdee

Lightweight, breathable mesh is used to make this shoe, making it perfect for running. It has sufficient cushioning, and supports the arch and ankles as well. The rubber outsole provides ample traction.

Price: 2249

10. Erke Running Shoes:

Erke Running Shoes
Image : © Mqdee

Rubber outsoles, mesh exterior and lining make these shoes a great choice for both amateur and experienced runners. The sole provides a good grip on most surfaces. They are breathable, durable and flexible.

Price: 2599

No run is comfortable or complete without the right gear, and shoes are what make all the difference. Most popular brands offer many models of running shoes for women in different colours, to match with your jogging ensemble. Go on a spree and look around to find the shoe model and make that’s perfect for you!

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