Bad Habits That Make Your Hair Thinner

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Dandruff and hair fall are some of the most common hair problems but a growing number of people these days are beginning to fret about hair thinning. Hair thinning makes your hair look limp and sparse. If you’ve been worrying about this condition, it’s time to reconsider some of these bad habits that could be the reason why your hair looks thinner.

You use hot styling tool
Using hot styling tools like a blow-dryer or a hair iron will expose your hair to extreme heat. This heat then damages the cuticles and proteins that your hair is made up of. Such damaged hair is prone to easy breakage. If you cannot avoid these heating tools, try using a heat spray before and make sure you limit its usage to two to three times a week only.

Post shower hair mistakes
Your hair is most fragile and prone to breakage when they are wet. Towel-drying your hair aggressively or combing them soon after a hair wash causes them to break. Be gentle to your hair when they’re wet. Blot them with a soft towel instead of rubbing them thoroughly.

Skipping hair wash for long durations
Busy schedules and the invention of dry shampoos makes it much more convenient to skip shampooing for long durations. But be warned, this could be the real reason why your hair is thinning out. The build-up of product and dandruff on your hair and scalp begins to clog your hair follicles thus making it difficult for new hair growth. Ideally you should wash your hair twice a week to ensure optimal hair health.

You often go on a crash diet
When you force your body to starve, your body uses up most of the energy to regulate basic functioning of the organs. This means your body does not concentrate on other functions like hair growth.

You tie your hair too tightly
If you tie your hair in tight ponytails or braids, beware, as these hairstyles put excess pressure on your hair follicles. This could damage your hair or weaken them thus harming hair growth. Try and leave your hair loose as much as possible. If you tie them up, make sure it isn’t too tight.

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