Baby Care: Why You Need To Burp Your Baby After Nursing?

Having your first baby can be exciting and intimidating at the same time. There is more to a baby then just feeding, cleaning and putting him/her to sleep. People who’ve raised kids will tell you that every time your baby cries, there always an underlying reason to it.

If you’ve noticed that you’re baby cries soon after you’ve fed him/her, chances are that your baby needs to be burped.

In this article we feature this important parental tip that will help you figure out your baby’s woes better. When you feed your baby, the baby takes in some amount of air along with the feed making your baby cranky and gassy. No matter how long it may take, burping your baby should be an essential follow-up after a feeding session. Here are a few reasons why you must always burp your baby after nursing.

To keep their internal system healthy
When your baby takes in air with the feed it interferes with digestion. This causes him/her to feel some sort of uneasiness in the stomach. Making sure that your baby burps after a feeding session will aid in digestion and will make sure there are no stomach problems.

To reduce the occurrence of colic
Colic or excruciating stomach ache is caused due to the excessive air trapped in the stomach. Babies usually suffer from this condition as they suck in a lot of air with their feed. Burping your baby well after every nursing session will help reduce the occurrence of colic.

To help your baby sleep better
Not burping your babies will cause them to stay awake more often. If you notice that your baby doesn’t sleep well there is a chance that he/she could have an upset tummy. Try burping your baby and then put him/her back to sleep.

To ensure that your baby is comfortable and active
Gas and indigestion can even get a grown up to feel uncomfortable and queasy, just imagine what it can do to your toddler. Burping will help relieve your baby of any such uneasiness and will ensure that they remain cheerful and active all day.

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