Awesome Engagement Makeup – Step By Step Tutorial With Images

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How to makeup for engagement? Engagement is an occasion that denotes a promise of marriage between a man and his beloved. It is natural for a woman to look the best for her man on that day. The makeup has to be soft, sweet and yet attractive. I have come up with a very soft engagement makeup tutorial using the color pink, which is every girl’s all time favorite color.

Awesome Makeup for Engagement:

The step by step engagement makeup tutorial is explained below:

Step 1:

Let’s begin with the eye makeup. I have used my Mac foundation and applied the foundation as a concealer. If you have dark circles, then you should use a corrector before applying your concealer.

Step 2:

  • Now, apply a shimmery gold or champagne color on the entire eye lid area. Use a flat eye shadow brush for this step as it helps to achieve color intensity and remember to create maximum color intensity.
  • Please be very careful not to go beyond the crease area and not to move inside the lid area. I have used Lakme eyeshadow Dessert Rose quad for the light gold color here.

Step 3:

  • The next step is to apply a bright pink eye shadow (metallic finish) over the outer corner of your eye lid, just little above the crease area. I have used the Lakme absolute eye shadow in Pink Wink. Here, carefully pat the eye shadow over the outer portion of your eye lids instead of sweeping it as is usually done. The patting motion will help to apply the color uniformly.
  • Now use a blending brush and in a wiper shield motion, work the pink eyeshadow softly into the crease. This step will give an illusion of deep set eyes. If you already have bigger eyes, you can still do this step as it will give a soft smoky effect.
  • The finished look is important. The two different shades should not stand out separately but should appear as a single color. The shades should be blended perfectly merging seamlessly into each other. At the same time, do not swipe too much, so that the metallic finish of these shadows are lost and mixed. There should be a soft gradation of colors.

Step 4:

  • Apply the same pink eye shadow on the lower lash line to give your eyes a smoky effect. This will complete the whole look and help balance out all the colors on the eye lid area.
  • Apply dark kohl a bit thicker than the usual line on the upper and the lower lash line. Here, I have used a gel liner to create maximum color intensity; you can even use a liquid liner. Curl your lashes with good mascara and complete the eye look.
  • I have just stopped the liner at the outer third corner of the eye without extending it further. If you are comfortable with a more dramatic look, extend the eyeliner to create a wing at the outer corner of the eye.
  • Remove all the fall-out of the eye-shadows below the eye with the help of a cotton swab. Apply a light concealer to highlight your eyes.

Cheek Makeup:

Apply a soft pink blush in a shimmer finish to add more drama to the whole makeup as the eye makeup is soft. Here I have used my favorite Inglot blush in the shade number 32. You can also apply a matte pink blush but a shimmery blush will give a glowing effect to the skin, perfect for the occasion.

Lip Makeup:

To complete the soft pink look, apply a pretty pink or plum lipstick to the lips. And then add lip gloss to the center of the lips to give a plump lip effect. Here I have used the Kryolan lipstick in the shade lc106.

So, this is the final look. This is a very soft makeup look and just perfect for engagement and parties. If you want it to be more dramatic, just use a bold lipstick and a winged liner.

Try this pretty soft makeup and flaunt in style. And, please don’t forget to share your engagement makeup tips.

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