Are You Committing These Common Sunscreen Mistakes Too?

In a tropical country like India, you’re constantly exposed to the harsh rays of the sun all year round. The UV rays emitted from the sun not only cause sunburn and black spots but also increases your risk of developing skin cancer. This makes it extremely essential that one wears the adequate sunscreen every time you step out of your house. However, people often argue that sunscreens do not prove to be as useful as they should be. If you have similar complains, chances are that you’re committing these same sunscreen mistakes as others. Read on to find out about these common sunscreen mistakes and how you can avoid them.

You’ve been using the same sunscreen bottle for years
If you tend to pull out your sunscreen only during the summer, chances are that you’ve been using the same sunscreen for a few years now. Using an old sunscreen or worse an expired one will not provide you any kind of protection. In fact, every time you open your sunscreen bottle, it gets exposed to germs and becomes less effective over time. Remember to check your expiration date and replace your sunscreen often.

Your sunscreen lacks the right amount of SPF
Different seasons and different skin types require different kinds of sunscreen with different amounts of SPF. People with lighter skin tones will require higher SPF of 30 or above. Choose your SPF wisely to ensure that your skin gets the right protection.

You don’t use enough of sunscreen
Don’t be stingy when using a sunscreen. Take enough so that it covers all of your skin generously. If you don’t use enough it won’t be able to protect your skin.

You don’t reapply your sunscreen
Every time you sweat or wipe your skin, you wipe away the sunscreen, leaving your skin exposed to the sun. Ideally you must reapply you sunscreen every two hours if you spend too much time out in the sun. If you go swimming, remember to reapply your water based sunscreen as many times as you can.

You skip the sunscreen on cloudy days
The sun emits UV rays even during the winter and on cloudy days too. Just cause you can’t feel these strong rays doesn’t mean you’re skin isn’t being damaged by them. To avoid such risks completely, use a sunscreen every day.

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