Are Organic Foods More Nutritious For You?

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Everyone is going organic these days! And who can blame them? The scare mongering about the food we eat has reached feverish heights and everyone is looking out for their health!

When we speak about organic food, we refer to food or edible items that are grown on land and are free from all kinds of pesticides and insecticides. There are no harmful toxins or herbicides growing inside this and has often been considered healthy by experts and researches. Whether it is a nutritionist or your personal doctor, I am sure all of them have recommended you to consume more of organic food on a regular basis. No wonder this industry is booming and flourishing for several years.

But, is organic food really great for your health? In fact, what exactly do we really mean by the term organic?

Even though there are times when organic food is grown with the help of a couple of ingredients, there are a couple of specific standards they must adhere to. The crops here are grown without any kind of fertilizer that is artificial in nature. There is no biotechnology or irradiation involved. Animals that grow on organic farms are fed on food that is organic in nature. They are taken care of without the usage of any synthetic growth hormones or even antibiotics.

Is Organic Food Good For You?

Organic foods are full of nutrition and offer better health than conventional foods. This is because plants are able to increase their production of phytochemicals, which improve their resistance power towards bugs and weeds. There are several researches, which have mentioned that pesticides found in your food can lead to dangerous diseases and health conditions. However, there are other studies that have also said that conventional food is safe for most growing adults. There could be birth defects among pregnant women even if there is little exposure of pesticides. The contamination caused by pesticides in daily products isn’t that big of a deal or cause of concern. However, there are a couple of scientists who are worried about the antibiotics that are given to animals raised in farms. The overuse of antibiotics has weakened their ability to fight infection.

When Should You Actually Buy Organic Food?

If it fits into your budget, go ahead and buy food that is local and organic in nature. There are a few markets that sell organic foods in affordable prices and available at all times. You can always pick them up at ease. If you cannot afford organic food all the time, don’t worry about it. You can go for foods that often been called “dirty dozen”. This consists of peaches, apples, nectarines, grapes, celery, spinach, strawberries, pears, cherries, sweet bell peppers, potatoes as well as grapes that are imported along with lettuce. These healthy fruits and veggies require more and more pesticides in order to fight against bugs compared to other items of produce such as asparagus and broccoli.

Remember a few things before you decide to purchase organic food. Remember that it will definitely increase your grocery budget. So be ready for that.

The organic food industry is basically depending upon your confirmation, so that they can declare that organic foods are the healthiest among all. For example, they help in lowering the chances of deadly diseases such as cancer. They also depend upon you to increase their profit and sale in the industry.

So, go organic by all means, but remember it is no magic formula for good health! Be realistic.
Do you eat organic food? How is it different from regular food? Share your experience with us.

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