Almonds for a Healthy Heart

Worried about your heart? Start munching on almonds as a healthy snack option. A new study has revealed that eating almonds everyday can reduce heart disease considerably. British researchers from Aston University discovered that almonds augment antioxidants in the blood flow, thus lowering blood pressure and smoothening blood flow.

The Mediterranean diet which includes an abundance of fruits, beans, nuts like almonds may prevent a cluster of risk factors for heart disease.

“Our study confirms that almonds are a superfood. Previous studies have shown that they keep your heart healthy, but our research proves that it isn’t too late to introduce them into your diet – adding even a handful (around 50g) every day for a short period can help. You could replace a daytime snack with a bag of almonds or add them to your regular meals like porridge or muesli to help reduce your risk of heart problems,” said Professor Helen Griffiths, Professor in Biomedical Sciences and Executive Dean of the School of Life and Health Sciences at Aston University. (via)

Other health benefits of almonds
Almonds nuts are healthy and are rich in healthy fats, which offers a high level of satiety. Besides, they are also loaded with numerous nutrients like vitamins and minerals, which will help you to lower your carbohydrate cravings and so, help you lose weight.

Almonds are also rich in minerals like manganese, copper and magnesium and B-complex vitamins like niacin and biotin, which help to activate the energy production in our bodies. So, the more active your body is, the more it will burn calories.

Almonds are a rich source of vitamin D and magnesium and it are used in a variety of cosmetics and creams.

Almonds can benefit the complexion as they contains a good amount of vitamin E. Vitamin E is an antioxidant, which helps in preventing cell damage and also helps in preventing the damage caused by the sun’s rays.

Almonds are a rich source of B vitamins and minerals and may help to improve memory. B vitamins also help in improving the communication between the brain cells.

Soaked almonds have a lesser amount of phytates and help in promoting good digestion.

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