Allergy To Mushroom – Symptoms, Home Remedies And Treatments

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You can come under the siege of mushroom allergy, without prior warning, even if you had been eating the same for years. This happens quite often when the dark, moist interior portions of this fungus cousin are not cleaned the right way. Mushroom allergy triggers off reactions that are very similar to the ones that occur when an individual is exposed to molds and spores. This has often been associated with the damp and dark interiors that are not cleaned often enough.

What Triggers the Allergy to Mushrooms?

Most often, this allergy is found in people who handle mushrooms, in and out, daily. The cases are more common if they are working in food processing and packaging businesses. While intake of these umbrella-shaped foods is one of the most prominent causes, the moulds or spores that are present in the air could also trigger this allergic condition. This happens when your body is unable to identify the mushroom proteins as potential allergens. It does not ward these off, paving way for several health conditions, including dermatitis, hives, respiratory disorders, and even worse, anaphylaxis.

You are more at the risk of developing allergies to mushrooms if:

  1. You are from a family with significant allergic history.
  2. You share a non-cordial relation with moulds and spores.
  3. You already have a case history of food allergies.
  4. You eat raw mushrooms, especially in the form of salads from outside.
  5. Accidental inhaling of spores while handling and/or packaging mushrooms.

How Common Is Mushroom Allergy?

This allergy is probably one of the rarest forms of food allergies, especially if it is a pure one. Yet it is quite common among people with a previous history of other food triggered allergies.

Symptoms of Mushroom Allergy:

You can become allergic towards mushrooms via direct contact or from the air. You get the allergy typically within half an hour of your very first stint with the fungus. Here are some of the commonly seen mushroom allergy symptoms:

1. Itchiness:

Your skin starts itching as soon as mushroom comes into contact with your body. Very soon, the skin might start developing hives and rashes.

2. Painful Swelling of the Limbs:

The tissues of your feet and hands become tender with painful swelling setting on.

3. Breathing Becomes A Tedious Process:

In cases of air borne allergies, your air passages get clogged. This in turn results in constricted breathing, accompanied by heaviness in the chest.

4. You Might Experience An Upset Tummy:

As with other food allergies, your tummy gets upset. You might have a wide array of stomach distresses, including vomiting, diarrhea and even cramps.
There are certain other symptoms, which are generally rare. These include:

  1. Hypotension or a massive dip in blood pressure levels
  2. Anaphylaxis
  3. Giddiness
  4. Loss of consciousness
  5. Fainting

While these incidents are rare, if a person exhibits such conditions, he needs to be rushed to the nearby health centre to administer adrenaline or epinephrine injections to prevent him going into a shock.

Home Remedies for Allergies to Mushrooms:

If a person comes under the attack of this form of allergy while at home, there are certain remedies you can try to ease the condition by the time the doctor arrives.

In cases of rashes, itchy skin, and hives:

  1. A dose of over-the-counter anti-histamine to prevent the histaminic activities.
  2. A topical application of calamine lotion is also helpful to ease the itching and rashes.
  3. Add 2 cups of oatmeal to a warm bath and allow the patient to soak for a while. This will ease the itching sensation.

Meanwhile call the doctor. If the person is experiencing breathlessness, you need to rush. Make sure that he is not nervous as it could worsen the condition.

Treating Mushroom Allergies:

Mushroom intolerance is different from mushroom allergy. If you are having a cramp with indigestion, then you are intolerant to mushrooms.

Here is a generic treatment procedure for mushroom allergy:

  • Avoid coming into contact with mushrooms, in any form.
  • Intake the prescribed anti-histaminic drugs to ease the rashes and hives.
  • Apply the topical steroids prescribed to heal lesions.
  • You will have to be administered adrenaline or epinephrine injections, if you showcase severe symptoms as mentioned above

How to Avoid Allergies to Mushrooms?

If you are aware that you or your friends have this allergy, make sure that you inform the restaurant or wherever you dine outside about the allergic condition. Keep OTC anti-histamines with you, in case you unknowingly come across mushrooms. In cases of severe reactions, call for medical help immediately.

Allergies to mushroom are seen in a very tiny percentage among people across the world. It is still better to be safe than undergo the stressful conditions.

Are your allergic to mushrooms? What do you do to overcome the situation? Are there any home remedies that you try to ease this condition? Share with us.

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