90 Days Fitness Challenge – Week 4

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15 Amazing Weight Loss Tricks!

The current funda is squeezing exercises here, there, everywhere. Squeeze in exercises where ever possible and when ever! These fast and tiny tweakers will help you to sculpt, burn calories and rev your energy levels.

Your exercise regime does not have to take over your life; incorporate these tweakers into your daily routine and bid adieus to flab, tone yourself and release stress. Bottom line still remains the same “watch what you eat”. 70 % of your weight loss comes from your diet, so stay away from high caloric food as the battle with the bulge is on.

1. As you read this article, you can work your abs by doing an exercise called vacuum pose. This is done by sucking your belly button in and holding it for ten counts and release. Do not hold your breath, breathe diaphragm upward. You can repeat this any number of times throughout the day to get a strong and toned mid section.

2. Tension pulls your energy down; you can release it by tightening every muscle from your feet onwards to face one by one holding each for two counts and then releasing the contraction. Relaxation loosens up the muscles and relieves stress.

3. You can also strengthen your neck and release/avoid stress-related headaches or pressure by placing the palm of your dominant hand on the right side of your forehead and press your head against your palm for 10 seconds and switch sides. Also try this exercise – drop your chin towards your chest and place your palms against the back of your head and lift up against your hands.

4. Deep belly breathing pumps extra oxygen and blood through your system and peps you up and relaxes your muscles.

5. You can reduce anxiety and increase your energy by rubbing or pressing at various points like your temple, one side of the bridge of your nose or just beneath your bottom lip.

6. Sink exercises can stretch your hamstrings and glutes and keep them supple and injury free. Improved blood circulation will nourish the joints and muscles and is good for your skin. Try this simple exercise as you brush your teeth by hinging from your hip hinge as you brush your teeth or wash your face, you should stand like an alphabet L. Keep your knees soft and lower as far as you can and hold for 10 counts. You can repeat this for four to five more times.

7. You can increase the strength of the lower body muscles by brushing on a single leg. Do alternate the legs to balance your strength gain.

8. Pacing back and forth while on a phone call, brainstorming and discussing projects with colleagues is a good cardio and burns calories.

9. Walk up or down the escalator as if it were a regular staircase and burn calories easily.

10. While on a call you can either walk the talk or form a pile position with your feet turned outward or in V shape. Slowly lower your hips towards the floor to tone and strengthen your inner thighs and other lower body muscles.

11. You can work your calves while stair climbing. Perform calf rises by standing up onto the balls of your feet and then lowering heels to just below step height. For every three steps you take, stop and do five calf raises.

12. Stand up, lean over and place your palms on the edge of a sturdy desk/ kitchen slab. Keep your body straight and lower to do push-ups. You can do it for 30 seconds or 30 reps.

13. Take two steps at once if you want to tone your glutes or add a cardio element by racing up the staircase.

14. Anytime is a good time to exercise, so don’t worry about hitting the gym at any available time. Even a 40 minutes cardio session will help you in the weight loss journey.

15. Carry home cooked food and healthy snacks like non messy fruits and veggies. Sprouts, wheat based crackers and other healthy choice will help you stay away from reaching out to sinful food when hungry. Water is another important nutrient; carry it and sip all through the day.

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