90 Days Fitness Challenge – Week 2

The War Is On

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The battle with bulge can be won when its self driven and with the support of your family and friends.
Let’s start with your family – 70 % of weight loss happens because of your diet. Your dining table is where everything goes kaput. It’s easy when the whole family chooses to eat healthy as there will be no temptation. Best way to get started is to talk to your family members into eating healthy on most days and indulge weekly once. Let them know how essential it is for the whole family to make dietary changes to get healthy and maintain body weight. Dieting and exercise may be something new for you. Here are a few tips to sail smooth.

Diet Tips:

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  • Avoid eating out and try to consume home cooked food as much as possible.
  • Focus on consuming real food and not “connivance food”.
  • Make to include the six nutrients – lean protein, complex carbs, vitamins and minerals, healthy fats and water.
  • Clear your kitchen of all unhealthy snacks and replace it with healthy food options.
  • Say goodbye to junk, fast and deep fried food.
  • Avoid refined food as they are stripped of nutrition and add up to empty calories.
  • Rich sweets, desserts and time pass food should be consumed in moderation on cheat days.
  • Do not skip meals.
  • Eat something healthy every two hours to keep your blood sugar level stable and to boost your metabolism. Your choices can be as simple as fruits, low fat yogurt, veggies with dips, low fat fruit smoothies, wheat crackers etc.
  • Protein performs many vital functions in the body and is necessary for growth and maintenance of cells. Sources of protein for vegetarians are beans, nuts, peas, soy products low fat dairy, sprouts, drumstick leaves. Consuming protein gives you a feeling of satiety and digests slowly hence prevents craving. Recommended dosage is one gram per kg body weight
  • Fiber keeps you feeling full and takes a long time to digest. Vegetables and fruits are good sources of fiber.

Workout Tips:

If you are 35 plus, obese or suffering from any lifestyle disease then it’s advisable to meet your doctor before you start any fitness regime or diet. Singing into a gym or aerobic studio is the best way to stay committed to your workout sessions as these places set the mood, fellow exercisers motivate you further, trainers will assist you and the subscription amount will make you think twice about skipping the workouts.

  • For your workouts, you’ll need a cross-training or running shoes from a good brand. Look for comfortable fit, forefoot flexibility, toes box space, shoes should be neither too tight or lose.
  • Fitness clothing should be something you should feel comfortable in. Go for blacks and lose Tee’s if you are not happy the way you look in slim fits.
  • If you stay committed to your diet and workout regime you will soon have to change your wardrobe.
  • Set realistic and achievable goals or it will leave you disappointed. For example, if you’re planning to lose 10 kilos, don’t expect to lose it in two weeks. You did not put on weight overnight so don’t expect to lose weight over night.

If you are the kinds who simply cannot get into a healthcare centre due to inconvenience at home, lack of a good healthcare center, busy work schedules then here is your action plan to get yourself fit at home or office.

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  • A cardio session will not only burn calories but also get your heart and lungs stronger and function better.
  • Any exercise is better than no exercise so squeeze in exercises whenever you can and wherever you can.
  • Like climbing the stairs and avoiding the lift, marching/ walking/jogging in place during commercial breaks, walking around your office floors or building, standing or walking when taking the calls, skipping for 5 minutes at home or office, lunch break walks etc.
  • Bouts of exercise will help strengthen your heart and will keep you in good health a burn a few calories.
  • But if you want to get into a calorie burning stage then you have to aim for 40 – 60 minutes of sustained cardio session.
  • Invest in a good treadmill, stationary cycle or a cross trainer as budget permits.
  • Early morning sessions are the best time to work out as no one wants your attention or time and you can work out in peace and finish your cardio session.
  • Pushing it to later part of the day may jeopardize sessions as you may be tired or something might crop up.

Weight loss is difficult but not impossible. Stay motivated, focused. The best way to stay sustained to a healthy lifestyle is to do it for your health rather than weight loss, as weight loss will eventually anyways happen when you correct your lifestyle.

Remember it’s all about you, so do it for yourself to get healthy, fit and strong.

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