9 Amazing Juicing Tips For Beginners

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Juicing is one of the best ways to build fitness and live a healthy life. It is a simple, delicious, cost-effective alternative to health shakes and bars that are available in the market. Fruit and vegetable juices are packed with nutrients like essential vitamins and minerals that are required for the smooth functioning of your body. A glass of fresh fruit or vegetable juice a day can keep your skin looking young and radiant. It can also boost your metabolism, remove toxins from the body, and enhance your immune system. Juices of all kind are used around over the world as an effective method of weight loss.

Get a slim, healthy physique naturally with a daily juice fix. Outlined below are a few tips and tricks for those new to the juicing community!

What Are The Best Fruits And Veggies To Juice?

When you first start juicing, try to include as many vegetables as possible in addition to sweet fruits. For the best health benefits, you need to include a variety of vegetables in your diet. Vegetables provide you with vitamins and minerals, without the natural sugars found in fruits. When you begin juicing, start with fruits and vegetables you are most comfortable with, like carrots, tomatoes, apples, pineapples, watermelons, and oranges. Gradually experiment with other vegetables like beetroot, avocado etc.

How Does Juicing Help Me?

We all know that drinking the juices of fruits and vegetables benefit us tremendously. But do you know how exactly they benefit us?

  1. Apples are rich in antioxidants and detox your body for a good digestive process. Add a dash of apple juice to your vegetable juices to sweeten them naturally.
  2. Kale is vitamin rich and is a good source of minerals, and antioxidant too. A glass of Kale juice can keep your body hale and hearty!
  3. Lemons are natural alkalizing fruits that aid in the digestion process. Lemon juice is the most popular juice option worldwide. It is very easy to make and is a rich source of vitamin C that boosts the body’s immunity and prevents colds and coughs.
  4. Among vegetable juices, carrots lie at the top of the heap! This nutritious vegetable is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals like Folic acid and is excellent for the eyes.
  5. Like apple, carrots too add natural sweetness to juices.
  6. Cucumber juice is excellent for skin and hair, while keeping you hydrated and aiding in weight loss too.
  7. Ginger juice is commonly used with lemon and honey to cure colds and allergies. It also aids in the digestive process. Ginger is a natural anti-inflammatory agent and is really helpful in controlling allergies.
  8. Cilantro juice works as a natural detoxifier that cleanses the body, expels heavy metals from the system and is a natural anti-inflammatory agent too. It also helps in hormone balancing in the body while easing PMS related symptoms.
  9. Parsley is also a natural detox agent that helps to cleanse the body of metals and other toxins.

What Are The Best Juicers Available?

Many nutrients that the body derives from fruit juices are sensitive to heat. Avoid using juicers that heat up the vegetable and fruit juices. It is better to purchase masticating juicers and similar products that will not heat up fruit and vegetable juices. Here is a list of the most popular juicers for health conscious individuals as well as juicing novices!

1. Centrifugal Juicers:

The most affordable type of juicer, Centrifugal Juicer is recommended for individuals who are new to the world of juicing. It is easy to use and quickly blends fruits and vegetables to give you thick, delicious juice. The juicer rotates on a high RPM. But some users do not recommend the centrifugal juicer as it does not yield as much as other juicers and also tends to heat up the juice.

2. Masticating Juicer:

The masticating juicer is one of the most popular products in the market today. It has a high yield, is very easy to use and gives you maximum value for money. Unlike the centrifugal juicer, the masticating juicer does not heat up your juice.

3. Twin Gear Juicer:

Twin gear juicers are the most expensive but gives you maximum yield. If you want your juicer to give clear juice, without the pulp, this is the best juicer for you. You get the highest amount of nutrients per juice measure with the twin gear juicer. But watch your budget if you decide to buy this juicer as it can leave a hole in your pocket!

Once you have the right juicer at home the next step is to know how to juice your fruits and vegetables to get maximum yield and a drink packed with nutrients for a delicious, healthy snack everyday!

Juicing the Fruits and Veggies Right:

Juicing barely takes a few minutes and is the best possible midday snack option.

  • Purchase the fruits and vegetables you would like to juice.
  • Wash them thoroughly, peel and slice into sections that fit the mouth of your juicer.
  • Feed the fruits and vegetables through the feeding tube of the juicer.
  • Switch on the juicer and hold till the pulp is squeezed for maximum juice.

Avoid mixing additional sugar to fruit juices. Experiment with various combinations. The Internet is replete with amazing juice ideas and soon you’ll be a juicing expert!

The juicing tips and tricks listed above should help you include fruit and vegetable juices in your daily diet, which is an excellent way to lose weight, tone up and pursue a healthy lifestyle!

Do you enjoy a glass of juice everyday? Which is your favorite juice? Do share some unique juice ideas with us in the comments section below!

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