8 Tips And Tricks To Make Small Eyes Appear Bigger

 Image : © Mqdee

The shape and size of our eyes is determined genetically, and there’s hardly anything that we can do about it. But using clever make-up techniques, we can always create an illusion. There are some ways and makeup tips to make small eyes look bigger.

Not an issue whether you have small eyes or just want to give a popping effect to them, here are a variety of wonderful tips for making small eyes look bigger. All you need to do is practice these makeup tips in order to make it perfect when you really want you eyes to look bigger.

Here are some tips to make small eyes look bigger:

1. Start with groomed eyebrows:

There is nothing more unflattering than unkempt eyebrows on a woman’s forehead. Take a trip to the salon at frequent intervals, and keep the brows in good shape. Follow the natural shape of your eyes to guide you.

2. Conceal under-eye dark circles:

Using a concealer to cover up the dark circles is preferred. It will not make your eyes bigger, but atleast the dark circles will not draw attention to them when some-one is looking at your eyes. So, this step is really important.

3. Use white eye shadow:

This is the best tip from make-up artists. Using white/ other light coloured eyeshadow or white eye pencil near the tear duct, on the inner corner of the eye, will instantly give an illusion of opened-up eyes.

4. Do not over-do the eyeliner:

When lining the eyes, do not make a full circle around the eye with the black eyeliner. Avoid applying kajal on the inner rim of the lower lash-line; instead keep it outside the lash line. Also, do not extend this line up to the tear duct. Start lining from outer corner, and stop after 2/3rd of the lash is covered.

5. Nude pencil above kajal:

Remember Rekha’s pictures from all award functions? She usually wears a white eye pencil on the inner rim of the lower lash line. Now, white eye pencil may not look too flattering on Indian skin-tone, so you may use a nude eye pencil to line the lash line. Nude pencil will also look more natural than white, and can be worn during day time too. Try Bourjois Khol and Contour Eyeliner Pencil- 08 Rose Fantaisiste, or MAC Chromagraphic Pencil.

6. Mascara and/ or false eye lashes:

Use 2-3 coats of mascara, or apply false eye lashes, concentrating on the outer 2/3rd of the lash line, to make the eyes appear bigger.

7. Shape eyebrows bold:

Keep your brows bold and thickly shaped such that they perfectly compliment your facial shape. Keep in mind that you have to maximize the space you have so that it creates an illusion on eyes making them look bigger.

8. Reduce puffiness in the eyes:

Swollen skin around the eyes make them look very small. Here is how you can recue any puffiness in the eyes.

  • Sleep enough
  • Wash your face with cold water often
  • Place used, cold teabags over the eyes as the tannins present in tea tighten the skin improving the condition
  • Lessen the amount of salt intake in your diet
  • Practice exercise which in turn reduces puffiness around the eyes

I hope these ways to make small eyes look bigger were helpful!

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