8 Simple And Natural Tips To Get Silky Hair

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Every woman’s dream is to get long and silky hair. For some women it comes as a part of the family genes. Regardless of whether it’s a trend or not, I know so many girls striving for soft and silky hair. How to get silky shiny hair is a question that we have always had. But many a times it is easy to achieve such hair, but maintaining it is not an easy task. I have always had frizzy, damaged hair, and now that I straighten my hair practically every day, I take extra care.

Here are a few rules i follow that give me healthy hair.

Tips for Silky Hair

1. Eating Healthy Diet:

As I said in my previous article eating nutritious food will help to improve hair growtha lot. Sprouts , green vegetables, milk, Fish and nuts are the most important food to add in our diet. This diet helps stop hair fall and stimulates the growth of hair. This diet improves hair texture and it’s appearance. A healthy diet will work from inside and purify the blood which can help to prevent dry hair and dandruff etc. So, start a healthy diet today itself to get silky long hair. Drinking 2 to 3 litres of water is important for hair too. This is one of the most important silky shiny hair tips.

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2. Get The Right Products:

Investing in the right product is one the most important things you can do to make sure that your hair stays silky and smooth. If your asking how to get silky hair naturally, then the first and fore most step is to make sure that we don’t strip away the natural oils of the hair. Always avoid shampoos with alcohol in them. Alcohol tends to strip the hair of natural oils even more. Use products of natural origin that will help retain the moisture in your hair like coconut. Otherwise make sure that you use a moisturizing shampoo that traps the moisture in your hair.

3. Oil Massage:

Oil Massage is a great treatment for sift and silky long hair. And so our ancestors made it compulsory for us once every week. For women it is a very important treatment to maintian good skin and hair health. Massaging our favorite oil from head to toe will rejunavate our total system. Oil massage on headwill stimulate natural oils from scalp and increase the smooth and shining texture of our hair. It increases the blood circulation on our scalp which helps in hair growth resulting in thicker hair.

In India we use sesame oil along with coconut and olive oil as a massage oil. Before massaging, heat the oil slightly, then massage on the scalp and hair well by using fingers. If you have hair fall problem you should not go for a direct oil massage on scalp, as it will increase the hair fall. You will have to use a cotton ball dipped in the oil to apply oil on the head. This treatment keeps the dry hair problem away from us.

4. Combing Hair:

Combing our hair is an ordinary daily work, but treating it like an art will eventually increase hair growth. Giving a mild pressure on the comb while combing our hair will increase blood circulation. This will increase hair growth in turn. Don’t do this when your hair is wet or when you are facing a hair fall problem. Doing this twice daily helps a lot in getting silky long hair. Also it helps to spread the natural oil from the scalp to hair tip which prevents dry hair tips and you can enjoy silky model like hair.

5. Cold Water Treatment:

Hot water can strip the moisture off of your hair,  a useful technique is to rinse the hair with cold water after it is fully washed and conditioned. This helps retain some of the moisture and gives you soft and silky hair.

6. Condition Some More:

Simply conditioning the hair isn’t enough, invest in moisturizing products like a serum. Or, use home based remedies but do not let your hair be dry, because dryness hampers hair growth.

Here are some home remedies that you can apply for extra conditioning.

  • Honey

This is one of the simplest solutions on how to get smooth silky hair when not damaged already.
Take about one teaspoon of honey and mix it in 4 cups of warm water. Once you are done washing out the conditioner from you hair, use this mixture as the final rinse.
This will leave you with lovely silky hair.
But what if your hair is already damaged?

  • White Vinegar followed by conditioning agents

In this treatment, you need to first make a 50:50 ratio solution of white vinegar and water. Pour this on to your head and wait for 10 minutes. Wash it off after. This removes all the product build up
Then you can follow this up with a deep conditioning treatment from egg yolk or olive oil or jojoba oil. Any good conditioning agent will work well. Massage the agent into the scalp and hair and leave it be for a few minute. Then you can wash it off.

Looking for a few more answers too how to get smooth silky hair at home? We have three more tips for silky hair for you!

  • Lemon And Egg

Mix about 7 drops of lemon juice freshly pressed from the lemon into the egg yolk. Beat it well and apply to hair. Wash off after 15 to 20 minutes. Make sure you use a mils shampoo for this.

  • Lemon and Onion

Make a paste of onions and add fresh lemon juice to it. Apply this paste on the scalp. Leave it on for half and hour. You can then wash this off with a herbal and mid shampoo. A herbal shampoo is insisted upon here as we are using onions here that have a strong sulphur content and we need to ensure that it doesn’t react with any of the other chemicals in the regular shampoos that we use.

  • Yoghurt

This is one of the best protein substitutes for hair ever!
Beat the yoghurt smooth and then coat it on your hair. Tie towel around it for 15 minutes. You can wash it off after that. This will most definitely leave you with lovely silky long hair!

7. Trimming:

Regular hair trims are crucial for the healthy growth of your hair. If you want long hair, make sure you  get a trim every 4-5 months as it boosts both the length and quality of your hair.

8. Get The Tight Equipment:

Since I use a lot of heat to style my hair, I use only good quality equipment with a heat protector, as it causes as little damage as possible.

Other Important Hair Care Tips:

  • Whenever you go out cover your hair with a scarf, because pollution and the sun our major factors contributing to hair damage.
  • Use only branded shampoos and conditioners, if it is herbal based its even better.
  • Avoid using shampoos that contain SLS and SLES. Try to use herbal home remedies to repair your hair, harsh chemicals will make your hair condition even worse.
  • Don’t tie up your hair very tight, it will leads to hair damage.
  • Wash your hair weekly thrice if you have oily scalp, otherwise weekly twice is enough. Because, washing your hair often will dry up the natural oils on the scalp and result in dry hair problem.
I follow these 8 tips everyday and I hope they will help you too to get Silky and Long hair.


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