8 Amazing Benefits Of Stinging Nettle For Skin, Hair And Health

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Widely known for the annoying and painful feeling one gets when they touch it, the stinging nettle has a notorious reputation. But if you look beyond the stinging, this nettle is a storehouse of benefits!

The stinging nettle grows all over the world. The plant has tiny stinging hairs on its leaves and stems. The hair on the stems and leaves of the plant contain a chemical substance, which causes irritation when it comes in contact with bare skin.

Top 8 Stinging Nettle Benefits:

But as I said earlier, stinging nettle is much more than its sting! Some of the benefits of stinging nettle are:

Benefits Of Stinging Nettle For Skin:

The plant has some great properties, which work well for treating various skin conditions.

1. Keeps Skin Young:

Due to its antioxidant properties, it provides various effective uses to the skin. The antioxidant properties in it help to control free radicals in the body, which lead to premature aging of the skin.

2. Makes Skin Healthy:

The plant is also rich in silica, which helps in strengthening the skin and making it look healthy. Its bactericidal, stimulating, anti-inflammatory and mildly deodorant properties make the plant an effective ingredient for many beauty products.

Benefits Of Stinging Nettle For Hair:

The stinging nettle efficiently treats hair and scalp related issues.

3. Treats Hair Loss Problem:

Fatty acids, Vitamin A and Vitamin C in the nettles help the hair grow lush and healthy. It is known to be useful in the treatment of hair loss too. Stinging nettle oil helps in strengthening the hair and can be applied both on the hair and scalp.

4. Heals Damaged Hair And Dandruff:

It helps to combat dandruff and other scalp conditions. The use of the oil made from nettle extracts also helps to make hair stronger and voluminous. The extract from the nettle root is used as a common component for making a number of conditioners and shampoos.

Health Benefits Of Stinging Nettle:

Apart from keeping your skin and hair healthy, stinging nettle also has several health benefits.

5. Helps Healthy Digestion:

It is effective in reducing stomach pain, stimulating gastric gland secretion, stimulating the digestive system and proper functioning of the pancreas and liver.

6. Strengthens Immune system:

The immune system can be strengthened with the use of stinging nettle. It regulates metabolism and hormone levels, particularly in male. It is also proved effective in fighting against swelling by acting as an anti-inflammatory component. Consumption of stinging nettle tea helps in improving allergic conditions, such as asthma, itching, sneezing and hay fever. It is also considered as a home remedy to treat allergies.

7. Treats Inflammation:

Called as urtification, the process includes the use of fresh nettles to effectively treat arthritis, sciatica, and hand and feet neuritis. The nettles, which are freshly picked, are made to strike gently on the affected areas. The pain can be eliminated from the joint of the patients suffering from gout by taking hot bath with the nettles. The uric acid gets released from the joints by the diuretic action of the nettles, which is helpful in removing the pain from the joints.

8. Good For Women:

Stinging nettle is beneficial for many conditions related particularly to women. It is rich in iron, making it effective in fighting fatigue and anemia. It helps keep the hormone levels in balance in women. It is helpful in encouraging the production of milk in feeding mothers. It also contains silica and other minerals, which are essential for the proper and healthy growth of nails.

A Word Of Caution:

Like any other natural ingredient, stinging nettle too should be used carefully. Pregnant women should avoid using this nettle. In case you develop any side effects, stop using stinging nettle and go see your doctor. Better still, check with your doctor before you start using this herb to avoid complications.

Stinging nettle is safe to use, but never self medicate. Use the services of an expert—always! With the right dosage, stinging nettle can provide you that much needed boost. Try it today!

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