7 Simple Steps To Practice Buddhist Meditation

In a world where life seems to be rushing by, we could all use meditation to discover more joy and happiness about the tiniest things of life. So if you would like to experience some peace and tranquility, consider Buddhist meditation.

In Buddhist meditation, the mind is not seen as an object, but as moments, which are brought together in consciousness. The basic objective of this kind of meditation is to develop certain qualities, which include love, passion, kindness, appreciation as well as forgiveness. Buddhist meditation is another way with which one can learn about his own mind. Not only does it let you discover the beauty of the world around you, but also gives you the opportunity to self inquire.

Procedure And Techniques Of Buddhist Meditation:

Here are the steps you need to follow to practice Buddhist meditation:

Step 1: Gather All Materials:

The first thing you need to do is to get hold of all the needed materials. A soft pillow and a cushion are needed the most. It will make you feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the meditation period. If you don’t have a cushion, simply look it up online. You will surely find plenty.

Step 2: Select A Comfortable Location:

The next thing you need to do is go to a spot that is comfortable and peaceful. You obviously don’t want to practice meditation somewhere noisy or chaotic. However, it doesn’t always have to amidst nature. You could do it in your own bedroom. Just switch off the TV and close the windows. Your room will automatically seem peaceful.

Step 3: Get Relaxed:

The next thing you need to do is relax. Sit on the cushion and keep your palms on your lap facing upwards. Try not to get too worried. Meditation is all about feeling calm and composed

Step 4: Close Your Eyes And Count:

Now, it’s time for you to close your eyes. As you breathe, count each one of them. Make sure that every breath is deep and slow. You really don’t want to hurry up while meditating. Relax the muscles of your face and jaw. Once you have reached the tenth number, it’s time for you to start over again. In case you get lost and count up till 12 and 13, don’t worry at all! Just go back to 1. As you breathe out, you will feel the tension release out of your body.

Step 5: Don’t Give Into Your Thoughts:

If you happen to be someone, who gets easily distracted, don’t worry. It is normal to have diverging thoughts. All you have to do is identify these thoughts and simply let them go. If you just don’t let these distractions consume your mind for long, they will easily leave your mind.

Step 6: Meditate For 10 Minutes:

If you happen to be a beginner, we suggest you meditate for a couple of minutes only. Ten minutes or a little more should be sufficient to start with. If you like, you can set an alarm. Towards the end of it, you can also listen to some good meditation music. This will make you feel at ease. Once you are done meditating, you can start moving, but very slowly. Gently open your eyes. Take your hands off your lap and let them fall to your sides. You can also stretch your feet for a couple of minutes.

Step 7: Use Beads:

If you have really enjoyed your meditation and would like to take it a little further, feel free to do so. You could use your prayer beads or malas. You can even decorate the place where you meditate.

Slowly, but surely, Buddhist meditation will connect you with your inner self. Once you manage   find peace within, then the chaos outside will become more manageable. That is what we need, isn’t it? In today’s chaotic world, a few moments of peace are worth their weight in gold!

Do you meditate? Does it help you deal with life better? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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