7 Simple Steps To Do Triceps Bench Dips

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To attain a well toned and muscular body, it is important to pay attention to certain parts of the body like abs and triceps. Particularly, you need to keep your triceps in shape. To develop your triceps, it is necessary to do proper exercises. These exercises can be done either free hands or with exercise accessories. Bench dips are popular among health and fitness enthusiasts who want to develop well-toned and attractive triceps. However, it is necessary to learn about the proper ways to do this exercise and learn the effect it has on the body before you include it in your workout regimen.

How To Practice The Tricep Bench Dip:

Tricep bench dip can be performed literally at any place, be it at a gym or home. You can use a surface like desk, low table or even the bonnet of a car! You can find the demonstration of this posture in numerous online videos and fitness magazines.

Way To Do The Bench Exercise:

Follow this step by step guide to practice this exercise without any problems:

  1. Position the body on a bench while keeping the hands on its edge just next to the hips.
  2. Then slowly slide off the bench till your body is supported on just the legs and arms.
  3. Put the legs in a position, so that shins and thighs are positioned at 90-degree angle.
  4. Keep the thighs hip-width apart and parallel to the floor.
  5. Then lower the body by bending both the elbows and the knees. The lower legs should be perpendicular to the floor.
  6. Then lift the body to the starting position and pause as you reach top posture.
  7. You can repeat this 10 to 15 times, based on your tenacity.

Initially you may feel tired after 3 or 4 postures, but gradually your capacity will increase.

A Variation Of Tricep Bench Dip:

This is meant for those who have mastered the basic process and are looking for something more challenging:

  1. Put the body in the position required for doing general bench dips.
  2. Stretch the legs in front without bending the knees at all.
  3. Put both the heels on the floor. You may also overlap the heels.
  4. Then lower and lift the body while contracting the triceps as you revert to the beginning position.
  5. For a more challenging session of triceps and bench dips, you can put a 45 pound weight plate on your upper thighs.
  6. This variation can be repeated a few times.

Benefits Of Tricep Bench Dip:

The most obvious benefit of the tricep bench dip is the muscular arm and upper torso you’ll end up with. But this exercise also offers a number of other benefits and they are:

  1. Regular bench dips will not only give you toned triceps but will also make them stronger!
  2. Bench dips also work a number of other smaller muscles in the body, making them stronger and getting you ready for more challenging exercises.
  3. If you want to develop your triceps quickly, bench dips are the way to go. Advanced bench dips give you stronger and more defined triceps quicker than any other exercise.
  4. Bench dips work your shoulder, back and abs, helping you balance better.
  5. Many health enthusiasts say that the tricep bench dip is nothing to crow about. According to them, there are other exercises that can work even better than this exercise.

This does not imply that doing tricep bench dips is going to be useless or will harm your muscles. It is just that you will be benefited much more by trying out other exercises for the upper torso and triceps. If you combine it with other exercises with proven health benefits, it makes more sense. Without caution, you may also end up injuring your muscles and hands while trying this exercise. For best results, you can combine this workout with other effective muscle toning and building workout postures.

Do you think tricep bench dips offer good benefits? Or do you prefer some other exercise for your triceps? Share your views with us in the comments section below.

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