7 Serious Side Effects Of Dukan Diet

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Are weight loss plans confusing you? With hundreds of weight loss plans around, it can be very difficult to choose the one that fits your requirements. To shed that extra weight is a necessity as it brings with it various kinds of diseases. Today we can find that many new plans are mushrooming everywhere, each claiming to be the best diet to lose weight. Most of the diets are low calorie diets that suggest you to cut off some kind of food from your daily consumption.

The Dukan diet plan is one such diet that has gained popularity in recent years. There are millions of people around the world who follow this diet. Various celebrities also follow this diet to lose weight. Like many of the diets that have unwanted side effects, the Dukan Diet too has its share of side effects.

What Is Dukan Diet?

Created by Pierre Dukan, it is a four-phase diet that helps you to lose and stabilize the weight. It is a restrictive high protein diet that allows you to consume as much as you want from 100 food items. This includes 28 from the animal world and 28 from plants. In the first phase, you can eat only lean proteins. Carbohydrates are restricted to 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran.

In the second phase, you can have specific vegetables along with proteins. In the third phase, you can consume lean protein, vegetables, low sugar fruits, cheese, and whole grain breads of your choice. The fourth phase is the maintenance phase where you are back to the normal diet plan, which helps you to maintain the weight loss.

7 Side Effects Of Dukan Diet:

Many doctors have slammed this diet because of its side effects. Most of the side effects occur in the initial phase.

1. Constipation:

Constipation is a major side effect of this diet. This is mainly because in the initial stage the person eats just lean protein and a little amount of carbohydrate, which is not sufficient.

2. Bad Breath:

The people who follow this diet suffer from bad breath. The body undergoes ketosis using its own fat for energy as there is a very low consumption of carbohydrate. Though it is a good indicator that the diet is working, it can be embarrassing to talk to someone standing or sitting close to you. The high protein consumption leads to acetone production that has a distinct smell and prolongs bad breath.

3. Gout:

Gout is a major side effect of the Dukan diet. The uric acid level of the body increases in this low carbohydrate and high protein diet. The uric acid crystals can create acute pain in the leg joints.

4. Kidney Problem:

Many physicians fear potential damages to the kidney, when the person is in this diet. It might create various kidney related diseases and lead to kidney failure.

5. Deficiency of Nutrition:

The Dukan diet being restrictive can lead to a severe deficiency of vitamins and minerals. It might result in electrolyte imbalance during the first phase of the diet. This can lead to conditions like constipation and diarrhea. It can also lead to antioxidant deficiency. The body requires antioxidant for its proper functioning. This may cause diseases like premature aging, cancer, cataracts and heart conditions.

6. Carbohydrate Withdrawal Symptoms:

Many on the Dukan diet suffer from carbohydrate withdrawal symptoms like flu, fever, nausea, mood swings, irritability, headache, loss of concentration etc. These are restricted mainly to the first phase of the diet. You may also experience fatigue and loss of energy during the initial weight loss phase of this diet.

7. Weight Gain:

It has been observed that once you are back to your normal diet, you can regain much of the weight lost during the Dukan diet.

It is advisable to weigh the pros and cons of any diet plan before following it. Do be judicious about your choices to stay healthy and fit. Do not forget to leave us a comment below.

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