7 Interesting Ways To Motivate Yourself To Workout

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Having trouble choosing cardio over couch? No need to be disheartened. Finding the right workout motivation is just a mind game that you can master in no time!

Ironman and world champion Chris McCormack stated once that some of his mornings are quite dull. He then decided to go along with the usual routine, and reassures himself that it’s okay if he bailed out halfway. But, there has never been a day without workout after he took the first (hardest) step.

People who try hard to fit a workout routine in their daily plans at least have one reason behind their motives. Whether it is last year’s dress that doesn’t fit, a fitness freak you want to date, or your daily routine that involves no physical exercise at all, just one reason still isn’t enough.

Remember, working out doesn’t have to be a chore. You just got to have fun with it! There are plenty of perky little tidbits that can help in motivating yourself to workout. Here are some of these:

How to Motivate Yourself to Workout?

1. Make it a Lifestyle:

Working out shouldn’t always be about posture rules and cardio techniques. Enjoyment is the best motivator. Let’s face it; we always paid more attention in the class led by the coolest teacher. Bet a race across a park against your pal. Hike a mountain just for that epic panoramic view. Have a friendly five minute wrestle with your bro. Turn exercise into excitement and see how quickly you adapt to it.

2. Reward Yourself:

If fun doesn’t do the trick, bribery always works for motivation. Sam Zizzi, Professor of Sport and Exercise Psychology at West Virginia University, states that promising yourself a post-workout treat will get you to the end of the line. An aromatic massage, getting your nails done, or anything that takes you to your happy place does the trick to get you out of your comfort zone.

3. Be Your Own Boss:

A review from ‘Perspective on Psychological Science’ states that using a commanding voice over yourself can do wonders. Phrases like, “Let’s go!”, “Let’s pump it up!”, or just a simple, “I can do it!” or saying for yourself “How to motivate myself to workout” will ward off your laziness and set you in the mood to sweat it off like a pro wrestler. Following to which is our next tip.

4. Setting the Mood:

Ever wondered why the Rocky soundtrack is still used for workout scenes in movies and TV shows? It’s because our brain responds to the rhythm of music not just as a mind changer, but it also helps us going further until we reach the end. In 1911, an American researcher, Leonard Ayres, found out that cyclists pedaled their bikes longer with music, than without. For your convenience, many online radios like Spotify and Jango have preset stations with wide selection workout music themes to choose from.

5. Take It Outdoors:

Many times we underestimate the downsides of the comfort of our homes. There is something about being in the fresh air and the sunlight soaking into your skin that keeps you inspired and energized. Going out for a run, or even doing a fitness routine in a public park, not only keeps you from giving up halfway through, but also keeps you alert and focused on your workout goal.

6. Don’t Just Sweat Solo:

Research shows that surrounding yourself with fitness crazy friends can help you push your own limits. Statistically, people working out with a virtual video-game partner (who never gets tired by the way), lasted 24 percent longer in their routine than when they were alone. The competitive element will make you get up early and join the fun run, simply because no one wants to be the weakling of the group. So game on!

7. Make a Public Commitment:

In this age of social media, we share both the good and the bad. This can be used as a useful tool to announce your next day’s workout plans. When you commit openly to something, not only you will stick to fulfilling that plan, but also discover how many others are encouraged by your decision. Even better, post a ‘selfie’ during your workout session and watch the support from your mates.

Although there are countless methods for motivating yourself to workout, in the end it comes to personal choice. Once you make it a habit to push through the lazy phase, working out eventually becomes a habit, slowly turning into a part of your lifestyle. One of the most important tips that you shouldn’t forget is to do it for yourself. By adapting to a healthier physical routine, you not only benefit yourself but also inspire others in your circle to live a hale and hearty life.

Now the ball is in your court. Fill us in with what helped you and how your workout lifestyle has improved over time.

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