7 Effective Ways Of Learning Yoga At Home

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Yoga is a great way to keep your body fit and your mind calm. It makes a lot of sense to make yoga a part of your daily life. But that is easier said than done, right?

Most of us know how good yoga is, yet there are things that can keep us away from practicing this ancient form of working out. It might be a total bummer if you are a college-goer who is tight on a budget or a homemaker who can’t spare time to go for yoga classes. But what if I tell you that you can still practice yoga at home? Read on to know how to practice yoga at the convenience and comfort of your home.

Tips To Learn Yoga At Home:

Here are a few tips you need to know to learn yoga at home.

1. Read And Research:

The first thing you need to do is read about yoga, research about the different asanas, and their benefits and styles. Read the guidelines and check out the pictures to learn the correct postures.

2. Prepare:

Get your comfy yoga clothes and a non-slipping, comfortable yoga mat. Try to practice yoga in the open air. Ensure not to eat anything 4 hours before doing yoga. It is best to practice yoga in the morning.

3. Start With The Basics:

Start your practice with very basic yoga postures if you are a complete beginner. Like, start with basic seated postures, such as Sukhasana, Vajrasana, and stretches like Balasana and Pawanmuktasana. You need to slowly acquaint yourself with the yogic practice. So, it is better to slowly open your body to the restorative postures and then move forward.

4. Pranayama:

Pranayama, like Kapalbhati, Anulom-Vilom, Bhramri, teaches breath-control. Yoga is all about the breath, your breathing is as important as the correct postures. Keeping pranayama’s myriad of benefits aside, it also helps in learning how to control and regularize your breathing. So, start practicing pranayama regularly even before you start practicing Yogasanas.

5. Flexibility:

Flexibility is one feature of yoga that scares a lot of people away and confuses the rest. You are not supposed to be super flexible to be able to do yoga. It is actually one of the ways that yoga benefits you – it makes your body more flexible and limber. So, the first thing you should do in the morning when you wake up is doing some basic stretches and twists to improve your flexibility. But keep in mind this is a slow process.

6. Resolve:

Resolve to practice yoga every day. Yes, every day, even if you do it just for 20 minutes. Further, resolve to try a new posture every week. This way will not only make you become more adept at the yoga, but also make you learn more poses.

7. Learn From The Experts:

Yes, I said experts, and you don’t need to leave your home to do that. I am a big fan of workout DVDs. There are DVDs for complete beginners with good cuing that will help you in learning the correct postures for different poses. At the same time the DVDs will give you a nice workout. Here are a few suggestions for the trainers to look out for:

  • Baba Ramdev: He brought yoga to our home. He has something for everyone, elderly, young, children, women. Baba Ramdev’s yoga videos and DVDs involve easy, beginner level poses. He teaches you exactly what to do and how to do in detail. Then he keeps doing the asana along with you, tells you when to inhale and when to exhale.
  • Shiva Rea: She is one of my favorite yoginis and I totally love her Yogini and Shakti DVDs. Her beginner’s series is inspiring and motivating. She pushes your limits, but knows where to stop. An amazing teacher, she tells you exactly how to align your body and breath in her soothing voice. Shiva has something for every level of yogi. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with her like me.
  • Rodney Yee: Rodney Yee will leave you awe-struck. He is an excellent teacher and has many videos for beginners. His videos are very calming and he pays attention to very minute things.
  • Denise Austin: If you are more interested in yoga as a workout, then you should try Denise. Again, great cuing and she assumes that you know nothing about the pose so she’ll tell you all. But, Denise’s brand of yoga is more of remixed yoga, which mixes traditional poses with other contemporary exercises and she gives you a lot of variations. The best part about her videos is that she keeps it fun and keeps encouraging you with her peppy attitude.

I believe yoga is the ‘Amrit’, the elixir that angels and demons fought for – your key to a beautiful, fulfilling, healthy life. So, do not let anything deter you from bringing your inner yogi out.

What keeps you from practicing yoga? Have you tried doing it at home? Share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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