7 Day Juice Diet Detox Plan

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People today are desperate to lose weight. They are willing to try anything and everything! And they have many diet plans to choose from. All diets promise to help one lose all that excess flab. These diets are devised to help the human body throw out toxins that get accumulated in the body and lead to obesity. Some diet plans comprise of months of starvation while others need to be followed for a week or so. The 7 day juice diet detox plan is a quick fix to a healthy body.

Basics of 7 Day Detox Juice Diet:

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The Diet In Short:

After adhering to the juice-based diet for a week, you can return to regular meals. When you are on this diet, you need to drink juices made of vegetables, celery, and apple. You are allowed to take two lunches, two breakfasts and two dinners. The good thing about this diet is that you can make some alterations if required. To make this diet work, make use of natural herbs and seasonings instead of artificial sweeteners and condiments.

It is possible to substitute a fruit or vegetable you do not like with another that suits your taste buds. For example, if a recipe requires using spinach, but you do not like the taste, replace it with another vegetable.

Only Liquids:

You cannot eat any solid food in this 7 day tenure. Surviving only on juice can be tough, but this is one basic rule of this diet. If you feel hungry for food, drink a glass of juice in addition to the daily quota. While solid food is not permitted, you can add some yogurts with fruits and make smoothies for variation.

  • After drinking a juice meal you need to drink lots of water.
  • Begin each day by drinking lemon juice mixed with warm water. This helps to clean your digestive system.

Drink More Juices:

During this juice based detox plan, you need to consume 4-6 juices every day. You can prepare your juices from numerous seasonal and citrus fruits. The plan is not very strict on selection of fruits. You can experiment with fruits that you usually do not eat.

Benefits of the 7 Day Juice Diet Plan:

The benefit of this diet is that you get more nutrients in each glass of juice than what you will get from eating solid fruits and vegetables. You normally will not eat 7-8 oranges a day, but when you make a large glass of orange juice, the content can be equivalent of 8 oranges. For best results, buy organic produce for this diet.

Just a week of this diet and your body and mind will feel fresh and rejuvenated. The all liquid diet helps greatly in the de-toxification of the body.

Mild Side Effects of Juice Detox Diet:

The commonplace and mild side effects of this plan are fainting, headaches, low energy level And body odor

Serious Side Effects of Juice Detox Diet:

The more serious side effects of this detox diet are abnormal heart beats, slow blood pressure level. However, these two can also happen when you are fasting.

Precautions For 7 Day Detox Juice Diet:

Not every detox diet plan is suitable for obese individuals. Some people are advised not to try this diet for various reasons. You should not try this diet when:

  • You are pregnant.
  • You are suffering from diabetes.
  • You are on medications, which requires you to eat solid food

Though you may feel hungry and weak in the beginning, you will soon feel fresh and ready to take on challenges. Try this diet today. Not only will you lose those extra pounds, you will also cleanse your body in the most natural way possible!

The week long juice diet detox plan helps clean your body of toxins and unwanted elements. However, your body may react adversely during this period. There can be a few side effects of this diet that you need to know. The good thing is that none of these side effects are serious enough to require medical intervention. As you resume eating normal meals, the effects disappear.

Does the juice diet seem feasible? Will you give it a try? Share your views with us in the comments section below.

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