7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Bryony Roots

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If you are scratching your head and trying to remember where you heard this word before, let us help you–it is more than likely that you have never heard of this plant before. But don’t worry, you are not the only one. Bryony, or Bryonia, as it is also called, is not a very popular herb. However, the roots of this plant have numerous benefits that are waiting to be discovered!

Despite its high toxic levels, this herb has been a sought after natural remedy for treating conditions such as paralysis and wound sterilizations. Homeopathy has made use of this wonder herb for long now and today it has becomes a favorite among the homeopaths.

Bryony—it’s time to discover the wonders that lie hidden in this herb. Welcome to the world of Bryony!

How to Make Use of Bryonia Roots?

Known scientifically as Bryonia alba, this plant has tremendous healing properties hidden within its roots. The roots of this plant are extracted out of the earth, even before the flowers start blooming. These are then cut into fine pieces, made into a pulp, and then dunked and crushed in alcohol for about 10 days. The alcohol-infused roots are then diluted and shaken vigorously. That is when they become ready for medicinal use.

While there are assorted medical conditions that can be treated with this root, the ones that are accompanied by pain and worsen slowly are found to have better cure with this herb. Want to know more about the benefits Bryony has in store for you?

Health Benefits of Bryony:

1. Cure for Dry Cough:

People subjected to dry cough are prone to have a dry chest, throat, and mouth. Even worse, there are cases where your mucous membranes also dry out due to non-stop coughing. This condition is also accompanied by acute pain in the chest and throat plus a tingling feeling in the throat. Homeopathic studies suggest that this herb is ideal to enjoy freedom from this irritating condition.

2. Combats Depression and Other Mental Conditions:

Depression, excessive anxiety, chronic fatigue, unwanted fears—all these sure can make life a living hell. But thanks to these bitter flavored roots, you can now live a happier life! A natural anti-depressant, Bryony is known to offer cure for various conditions affecting your mood.

3. Eases Influenza:

People suffering from influenza accompanied by swollen, red nose and sore, constricted throat can make use of this herb. These roots can also provide relief from the headache and body ache that comes with the flu.

4. Eases Joint Pain:

Known for its anti-rheumatic properties, Bryonia is known to give the affected muscles and joints mobility by reducing the swelling and pain that is a part and parcel of rheumatism. The stiffness and hot feeling also vanishes and your joints get a new lease of life, thanks to this amazing herb.

5. Helps with Digestive Disorders:

If you are suffering from constipation, look no further than Bryonia roots! Many a time, people suffering from constipation endure intense pain while passing stool. The roots are known to ease the pain and make bowel movements easier.

6. Beneficial for Headaches and Pains:

A headache can be debilitating. We lose precious moments from our lives due to this common yet painful health problem. But you don’t need to suffer endlessly! Bryonia roots offer the perfect solution for reoccurring headaches. It eases the inflammation and calms your muscles, ensuring relief from chronic headaches. Studies conducted by acclaimed homeopathic professionals suggest that these roots can also be used to cure painful inflammatory conditions including gout.

7. Minimizes Breast Pain in Women:

Women know a thing or two about pain! And breast pain is something that most women face at some point of their lives. It is an especially big issue for women who are pregnant or lactating. Hardened breasts, accompanied by sharp pain, is no laughing matter. That is why Homeopathy prescribes the use of Bryony roots to treat breast pain.

A Word of Caution:

Every herb comes with its set of pluses and minuses. Bryony is no different. A highly toxic root, its excessive usage can cause:

  1. Dehydration
  2. Skin rashes
  3. Irritation of the mucous membranes
  4. Blisters and
  5. Necrosis

The benefits of Bryony for health are yet to gather scientific evidences. Plus, the corrosive nature of this plant makes it unusable for skin and hair. Ask your homeopathic doctor for more information on the use of Bryony roots. Stay healthy!

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