7 Amazing Benefits Of Uphill Running

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Do you avoid uphill running thinking it’s too difficult? If you get to know its benefits, you might change your mind! If you can run a marathon or half a marathon, why not try uphill running? You will be amazed to know that it offers amazing benefits for your health!

Uphill Running Training – What is it?

Hill training is a technique in which the muscles acquire power as they have to do extra work to overcome gravity. This increases their ability to work faster compared to normal running. This method helps your aerobic power to build up and allows you to combat the conflict of the slope. It is advised to do uphill running only once or twice in a week.

There are three main types of running:

  1. Running long and up hill
  2. Running medium hill
  3. Running short or downhill

Uphill Running Tips:

  • Warm up for at least 20 minutes.
  • Do this slowly and don’t stress yourself.
  • Push your arms energetically.
  • Lean forward slightly.
  • Hold your head high.
  • Do not slouch.
  • Mentally, think that you are “standing tall” despite the forward lean.
  • Try and breathe deeply, and keep your breath under control.
  • Try to take short (small) strides.
  • Take rest after your jog, every 17 minutes.
  • Love the hills!

Benefits of Uphill Running:

This requires only three minutes of running up a hill and it can help you greatly.

1. Weight Loss:

If your goal is to lose weight, this shall prove really beneficial for you. This is because uphill run burns extra calories compared to old-style running. Double calories are lost in uphill running than running on flat surfaces.

2. Muscular Strength:

Uphill running helps in gaining muscular durability and muscle power. The chief muscles have to exert themselves further to push your body up the hill. It helps boost your energy.

3. Stronger Legs:

Another well-known benefit of uphill running is an enhancement in leg strength. While running, the arrangement of your leg muscles moves upward; this is a major difference from common runners. There is extra work for the calves and hamstrings; this helps you acquire more strength.

4. Higher Calorie Burn:

More energy is required for running up a hill than running on flat surfaces. While running uphill, you are at work against gravity, pushing onward on a slope and your weight is used as a resistance. Additional energy is used by the leg muscles and more calories are burned in the process. The burning of calories depends upon the hill you have selected. If the hill is steeper then extra calories are burned.

5. Reduced Risk of Injury:

Uphill running involves minimum risk of injury. Running in contrast to magnitude actually decreases the influence on your laps and diminishes leg tremors. Running downhill involves greater risk of injury. For this, you have to raise the stimulus on your junctions and muscles. This low influence can give you stronger bones.

6. Cardiovascular Strength:

Running uphill is beneficial for the heart and lungs. This helps to strengthen the cardiovascular system. Hard work for your lungs and heart makes you a good runner.

7. Increases Work Speed:

Hill running increases your work speed, because the slope forces you to slow down running downhill. While running, the muscles lend support. This translates to quicker time on elevated surfaces and leads to a progress in your speed.

The advantages of running uphill can help you become a good athlete as well. Do leave us your comments in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: Remember to do uphill running after proper consultation with your physician.

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