7 Amazing Benefits Of Galvanic Facial

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Facials are not just about spending a few hours getting pampered! Our hectic lifestyle has made them a necessity rather than just a ‘leisure’ beauty option. The journey to beauty begins with the right facial for your skin. Yes, there a number of facials you could choose from and not just the usual fruit, gold or diamond! You can even try some offbeat facials like the Galvanic facial. Women interested to knock at the doors of their 20’s youth must read on.

7 Amazing Benefits Of Galvanic Facial:

Are you missing your youthful skin? Stressed about your rapidly aging skin? Do you look 40 even at the age of 30? If yes, then it is time for you to go Galvanic, divas! Here is all you always wanted to know about the benefits of the youth reviving magical facial – The Galvanic Facial.

1. Goodbye To Dullness:

Dullness of skin is the first sign of aging. If you are apprehensive about trying expensive surgical options to regain your youth, you will find it extremely worthy to go Galvanic. This facial is a new avatar of traditional facials and involves a ten minutes sitting. It focuses on de-rooting dullness by increasing oxygen content in your skin.

2. Promotes Firmness:

Skin loses its elasticity with aging and that leads to wrinkles. Galvanic facial restores skin’s elasticity by inducing a low DC voltage in the skin. It increases the potency of skin cells to reproduce and multiply. This makes way for the formation of fresh skin cells, which replaces the old, wrinkled and tired cells. And you are left behind with firm and tight skin that looks supple, soft and young.

3. Baby Soft Touch:

Aging is not just marked with the dawn of wrinkles and fine lines; it also brings skin roughness. Galvanic facial eases the skin muscles and tissues that otherwise go stiff with aging. Relaxed tissues are better carriers of oxygen and blood. Increased oxygen and blood transportation restore the PH level of the skin, making your skin baby soft in a few sittings itself.

4. Moisturizing Mania:

No matter how careful you are about choosing a moisturizing cream to beat aging, it still gets hold of your skin with vengeance. Increase the skin’s response to aging with Galvanic facial this season. As mentioned earlier, Galvanic facial triggers the production of collagen and fresh skin cells. The old and dry skin cells are replaced with healthy skin tissues. It also increases blood circulation in face.

Increased blood circulation means increased oxygen. Oxygen makes the skin cells tighter and fresher, restoring the moisture content of the skin. It also offers you the skin that looks younger than before.

5. Reduced Wrinkles:

Galvanic facial mainly provides an anti-wrinkle treatment for the aging skin. The electrical boost given to the skin in Galvanic facial holds the key to wrinkle reduction. The chemical imbalance in the human body is also a factor for premature aging. Electrical boost of the Galvanic facial tightens the skin cells. Tight skin equals fewer wrinkles!

6. Lighter Age Lines:

Age lines are deep cracks that develop due to wrinkles. These age lines are hard to be ignored and even harder to cure! Galvanic facial is a great way to reduce the fine lines. With regular sessions, this special facial can help reduce fine line over a period of time.

7. Lighter, Firmer And Clearer Complexion:

Galvanic facial also offers a lighter skin tone along with reduced signs of aging. It is a unique electrical facial that focuses on destroying harmful skin toxins (largely responsible for aging) naturally. The negative ions (which trap all skin toxins and impurities) are de-rooted from the skin with the second phase of Galvanic facial. The second phase focuses on attracting negative ions with a splash of positive charge from the other end. It results in clean skin (which is free of toxins), acne-free face and fairer complexion.

Galvanic facial feels like the holy grail of all beauty endeavours! It promises to make you younger, isn’t that what we all want?

Ever tried the goodness of Galvanic facial to imbibe youth in your life once again? Planning to explore the supple Galvanic skin anytime soon? Share your feedback with us the comment section.

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