6 Reasons Why Life Is Better Without Booze

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What does ‘Saturday Night’ bring to your mind?

Bottles of whisky, clinking glasses, and many friends? Dim lights, thumping music and all of you grooving around?

If these are what that sprout in your head whenever you think of booze, then there is something missing. And that is the prospect of living a healthy and peaceful life.

The odds of your life dramatically changing without booze are way more than that of you enjoying with it.

And these 6 reasons will show you why.

1. You Will Get To Know Who You Really Are

Alcohol has got this ability to keep you from discovering your inner self. It also disconnects you from your soul and finding out who you truly are. That is what alcohol does to you.

The prospect of self-discovery becomes practical only when you bid adieu to booze. Self-discovery is an important thing. It tells you why you are born, and where you should go.

And of course, you weren’t born just to glug down gallons and gallons of booze, were you?

2. You Become Healthier

Good health is a combination of a healthy mind and a healthy body. Alcohol damages both.  It robs you off your mental peace and vitality of your body. Also, alcohol never comes alone; it always carries a plethora of deadly diseases like cancer and heart disease which wreak havoc with your life.

Recollect the golden words of our ancestors: health is wealth. So instead of investing money in booze, invest in your health. The returns will be truly marvellous.

3. Hello Beautiful!

That’s how everyone would address you once you have eliminated lcohol from your life. Your complexion improves; and not by minor margins, but dramatically. Okay, now you might ask if all those Bollywood or Hollywood beauty queens are teetotallers.

Hey, wait a minute! Let me tell you something. There is a difference between beauty that comes from cosmetics and beauty that emanates from within, right?

I can bet in the court of law that it is alcohol alone which is responsible for puffiness in your face, sunken eyes or premature aging of the skin. And guess what, young lady! Chucking the habit of drinking alcohol makes your eyes brighter and beautiful.

And nothing in this world is as beautiful as a happy woman’s eyes!

4. Weight Management Becomes Easy

You probably should be a girl in your early or mid twenties. And if my guess is right, you would have feared obesity at-least once in your life.

Believe it or not, one bottle of wine contains about 700 calories. You can rather eat a Big Mac and stay happy. There is another upside to quitting alcohol – no weekend hangovers. And what does ‘no hangover’ mean? You can utilise that time to exercise.

*Pssstt…that Big Mac thing was just an example. Doesn’t mean I am recommending it*

5. You Will Have More Time

In today’s world when we have lesser time and bigger bellies..

Hehe..Just Joking..!

So yes, in today’s world when there is severe scarcity for time, the best thing we can do is utilise time in the most judicious and productive way. And that is something impossible to happen in the presence of alcohol.

Remember this – an alcoholic lifestyle equals an underproductive life.

6. You Will Be Proud And Happy

I have seen people who drink. While boozing they seem to be the most contented people on the planet. They don’t care about anything; and ‘appear’ to have the time of their lives. But the next morning when they are up, they are moaning from hangovers and nausea.

But kick away alcohol, and every morning would be a blessing for you!

So when are you saying goodbye to alcohol?

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