6 Incredible Benefits Of Overhead Press Exercise To Strengthen Your Upper Body

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We all spend hours at the gym lifting weights, exercising, and trying to build a body that is toned and chiseled. Everyone wants a physique that is well shaped. And to get that, the best exercise is the overhead press. This one is a classic and has been used for several years. It not only gives you spectacular results over a short period of time, but makes you lean and fit faster than you imagined. It is great for all those wanting to develop muscles in the shortest span of time.

The move is pretty simple, although it’s difficult to nail if you are trying for the first time. If you would like to learn more about the overhead press exercise, use this article as your ultimate guide. It will teach you the techniques in which you can do this move the right way along with the benefits.

Why Should You Do This Exercise?

You can always lift weights while doing the bench press exercise. But, once you use the overhead press, you can get the benefits you’ve never imagined! Some of the reasons why you should be doing this exercise have been listed here:

1. Gives You A Full Body Workout:

This lift is perfect for a full body workout. This move will work your back muscles, chest, shoulders and triceps too. However, do keep in mind that while you do this exercise, your muscles should be contracted.

2. Builds Strength And Body Mass:

Not only will you have a great upper body workout, but also find a lot of strength in your muscles. This move is great for stronger upper and lower body. In order to build stronger muscles, you need to stress them continuously. The overhead press exercise is a great choice for all those who would like to build muscles as well as strength.

3. Safeguards Your Shoulders:

Your shoulder health will definitely improved drastically if you do this move regularly. Your deltoids will be trained and you will be able to maintain a good muscle balance. Done right, this exercise can also protect your body against injuries.

4. It’s Fun:

Lifting up weights from the floor and pressing it over your head is much more fun than pressing the same kind of weight while you are lying down on a bench.

5. Great Cardio:

Overhead press is a great source of cardio. It works both the heart as well as the lungs if you put in the right amount of effort. It can get quite tiring but rest assured that you will be burning a whole lot of calories while doing it.

6. Great Body:

Overhead press is one exercise that gives you the body of your dreams. You will have a smaller waist and an attractive body if you incorporate this move while exercising.

How To Do The Overhead Press Exercise:

The Overhead Press Exercise can be easy to do if you follow the instructions:

  1. Stand straight with your feet slightly apart. You could also sit on a bench with your back straight up.
  2. Now hold a dumbbell in both hands. The knuckles should be facing up and the thumbs should be inside. Remember to keep an overhand grip.
  3. Now raise the weights over the head in a motion that is controlled. Make sure that your arms aren’t slammed upwards. Stress on the elbow joints too while doing this exercise.
  4. As you push upwards, remember to exhale.
  5. You could also alternate the arms instead of pushing both up at the same time. This will make the move easier in a way.

How To Improve This Exercise:

There are ways in which you could improve this exercise as well. Use the tips mentioned here and are you are good to go!

1. Keep your elbows forward. Your chest should be up. You will forget to reposition yourself in between the moves. Start every rep with your elbows right in front. If the chest is up, that would definitely help you perfect the move!
2. Keep the bar high! The higher the bar is above your chest, the distance will be equally reduced. Bring the bar close to your clavicles. Now tilt your head back and forth as quick as you can. This might hurt at the beginning, but your skin will get used to it as well.
3. Keep going forward. You will miss out on the reps if you stay back. Now shift the torso forward when the bar has reached close to the forehead level.
4. Breathe. If you are breathing at the top, you will be bouncing the bar off the chest making the next step a little easier. When you breathe at the bottom, you will make the next step tougher. The latter makes the exercise hard and the former eases the move.

Points To Remember:

There are a couple of things you should keep in mind about the overhead press exercise. This will help you make the most out of this exercise.

  • You can do this move while sitting or standing. Alternating the arms is also another option you could use.
  • Using a barbell is another good option.
  • You don’t have to push up explosively. This might just crash both the elbow joints.
  • Try not to allow the weights to go too far or back while you are pushing. It would be better if you keep them slotted in a single path, which is above the head.

So, what’s keeping you from that fab body? Include the overhead press exercise in your workout regimen and be ready to flaunt an awesome body!

Does your workout regimen include the overhead press? Do you enjoy doing them? Share your views with us in the comments section below.

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