6 Effective Home Remedies To Cure White Spots On Lips

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White spots on lips can be a distressful condition for most people. These spots are caused due to various problems like oral herpes, STD, cancer and more. The most common white spots on lips are possibly the Fordyce spots. These are harmless and benign spots, usually caused by the abnormal secretion of the sebaceous glands. There are several home remedies, which can effectively treat Fordyce spots on lips. But, before treating the white spots on your lips at home, you must consult a specialist. This is just to make sure that the white spots on your lips are indeed the Fordyce spots.

Irrespective of age and gender, the Fordyce spots mostly occur on the lips. But, they might also appear on the genitals. Along with white appearance, Fordyce spots are bumpy as well. This is a distinctive characteristic of the Fordyce white spots.

6 Effective Home Remedies For White Spots On Lips / Fordyce Spots:

If the white spots are recognized as Fordyce spots, you can use the home remedies to treat them that are mentioned below:

1. Boost Garlic Consumption:

Garlic is known to successfully decrease bacteria in the bloodstream. Thus, increasing the consumption of garlic in your diet plan would certainly help in reducing the Fordyce white spots. Garlic possesses many medicinal properties that gradually ward off the spots by keeping up the oral cleanliness.

2. Use Aqueous Sour Fresh Fruit Juices:

Using juices from sour fruits like lemon, orange and so on by blending the juice with water will help in reducing the spots effectively. Apply the aqueous juice on the spots with cotton. The patches will disappear after a couple of days with the use of this easy treatment at home.

3. Important Oil Treatment:

Combine equal portions of bezoin, cabreuva and tea tree oil with some olive oil together with the same quantity of Scotch pine essential oil. Apply this oil on the Fordyce white patches on the lips and then allow it to dry for a while. Finally, clean off with lukewarm water and a gentle anti-bacterial cleansing soap.

4. Improve The Performance Of The Important Oil Treatment:

Including Frankincense, Palamarosa and Galbanum essential oils into the above combination will improve the performance of the treatment method to remove the appearance of the Fordyce white marks easily. Apply this combination regularly. Move the combination before use.

5. Apply Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar has turned out to be effective in minimizing the Fordyce white patches. However, be sure to use apple cider vinegar just once or twice per week and also clean off with lukewarm water after a couple of minutes.

6. Use Jojoba Oil And Argania Combination:

Jojoba oil and Argania possess Tocopherol extracts that tend to be efficient in alleviating the Fordyce white patches on the lips. Use the combination of Jojoba oil and Argania on the afflicted part of the lips to scale down the spots at a greater speed.

7. Use Coconut Or Olive Oil:

Thoroughly clean your lips with a gentle antimicrobial soap or a face wash after treating with the essential oils. As cleaning takes away the moisture of the lips, use a bit of olive oil to hydrate your lips. Keep the lips moisturized all the time making use of natural oils like coconut oil or olive oil

Few Other Tips To Cure White Spots On Lips:

We can use the above mentioned home remedies to treat white spots on lips effectively. Apart from those there are also few other tips that we can follow to cure this disease properly:

1. Chilled Liquid Nitrogen Will Decrease The Marks:

Frozen liquid nitrogen is recognized to be sparingly helpful in healing the white Fordyce patches on the lips. However, make sure it does not worsen the issue. If the frozen liquid nitrogen application brings about discomfort, quit instantly.

2. Quit Making Use Of Chemical Products Temporarily:

If you observe the white patches on the lips, quit applying chemical products instantaneously. Even though the white spots are detected to be the innocuous Fordyce spots, it is best to prevent utilizing chemical lip items to make sure the issue does not worsen.

3. Do Not Lick The Lips:

You should not allow the lips to get dried to decrease the dark patches successfully and quickly. And licking the lips constantly will entirely dehydrate the lips. The microorganisms in the mouth may even intensify the issue. Therefore, stay away from licking the lips.

4. Rub The Lips To Eliminate The Dead Cells:

If the white patches on the lips are simply Fordyce spots, scratch the lips regularly. This will help in reducing the appearance of the white spots by eliminating the upper dead cells of the lips. Gently scratch the lips because the epidermis on the lips is incredibly sensitive.

5. Folic Acid Consumption Will Decrease White Spots On Lips:

By consuming more folic acid supplements with your food, you can possibly reduce the appearance of white patches on the lips. You can obtain Folic acid products in any pharmacy. Consume them on a regular basis to reduce the spots on the lips faster.

6. Let The Spots Be There:

The best healing of Fordyce spots is to allow them to be there. Also, experts suggest that allowing the spots to be there is the greatest cure for these spots. The patches normally do not stay more than a few days and inappropriate cure causes soreness or may also aggravate the trouble as well.

7. Healthy Diet Is Essential:

Incorporating Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Vitamin E in the regular diet will speed up the strategy of minimizing Fordyce spots on the lips. Full of with the above mentioned nutrients and vitamins, green leafy vegetables, yoghurt, lentils also help to reduce Fordyce spots on the lips.

8. Maintain Adequate Oral Cleanliness:

Fordyce spots on lips are not due to poor oral hygiene. Even though you follow correct oral hygiene, you may acquire Fordyce spots. However, it is essential to become cautious regarding oral hygiene as soon as you notice Fordyce spots. Always keep your mouth area clean.

This article includes few home remedies for dealing white spots on lips, especially if they are Fordyce spots. There are also permanent remedies that are successful in getting rid of white spots on lips other than Fordyce spots as well. These treatments include vaporizing laser therapy, chemical peel and so on. However, these treatments require an advice from a professional and they are extremely expensive too.

If you know any more remedies for white spots on lips, do not forget to share them with us.

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