6 Effective Home Remedies To Cure Sour Stomach

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Suffering from bloating, burping and abdominal discomfort all the time? Is severe pain in the abdominal region radiating up to the chest? You may be suffering from a sour stomach. Sour stomach, also commonly known as indigestion, is a common ailment characterized by all these symptoms. Medically this condition is caused due to an accumulation of excess amounts of hydrochloric acid in the digestive tract and stomach, which leads to severe acidity and heartburn. A person suffering from sour stomach shies away from eating which in turn leads to more acidity-related conditions.

A sour stomach is an acute condition that can sometimes be persistent or recurrent. At times, it just disappears and returns after a few weeks. Many people just tolerate the pain and do nothing about this condition. If left neglected, it can lead to chronic conditions like ulcers and damage of the digestive tract.

Symptoms of Sour Stomach:

A person, who suffers from sour stomach, shows up the following symptoms:

  • Nausea

Due to the accumulation of acid in the stomach, the sensation of vomiting persists throughout. It is also commonly referred to as queasiness, bilus, and “sick in the stomach”.

  • Regurgitation

This is a reflux or backward flow of stomach contents into the esophagus which can reach up as high as the throat. This leads to a burning sensation and sour taste in the esophagus and alimentary tract.

  • Stomach Bloating

This refers to the sensation of feeling bloated or full even after a small meal. It is accompanied by gas in the stomach. This causes extensive cramps and belching. This is the most common symptom of a sour stomach.

Causes Of Sour Stomach:

There are various causes of sour stomach and some of them are:

  • Overeating

Consuming more than you can digest leads to excess production of HCL, leading to acidity and sour stomach.

  • Carbonated Beverages

Containing aerated gas and alcohol, carbonated beverages, leads to the production of acid in the stomach.

  • Spicy Foods

Spicy foods often lead to a burning sensation in the alimentary and digestive tract, indicating the onset of a sour stomach.

  • Medical Conditions

Occasionally persistent sour stomach may be caused due to chronic conditions like gastritis and peptic ulcers.

6 Effective Home Remedies for Sour Stomach:

Sour stomach, if left neglected, can become a very painful condition to tackle. The sooner you attend to it, the faster you can get rid of it. Here is given a list of 6 home remedies to cure sour stomach.

1. Water:

The simplest and most effective remedy is water. Drinking sufficient amount of water gives you relief from the sick feeling, helping you overcome the pain. Avoid normal or warm water. Instead consume chilled or cold water in a standing position to get instant relief.

2. Carrot:

You must not even have thought of this. Yes, carrot is a very effective remedy for treating sour stomach. Consuming raw carrot or in the form of juice are both effective. Mix the carrot juice with some water, and consume it slowly during the pain. This makes the carrot juice more effective.

3Green Tea:

Green tea is known to be rich in anti-oxidants. Avoid milk tea and milk products during sour stomach. Consuming green tea every day helps reduce the acidity levels in the stomach. For best results, consume green tea with minimum sugar.

4. Ginger:

Ginger added to tea is also very helpful in treating sour stomach. The combination of ginger tea and green tea at regular intervals is known to be very effective on sour stomach.

5. Papaya:

Papaya is a long term remedy for sour stomach. Consuming papaya every day helps in gaining long term relief from stomach pain and discomfort.

6. Concoction:

Prepare a concoction with coriander seeds, cumin seeds, fennel seeds and water. Boil the ingredients and allow cooling at room temperature. After every meal, consume this concoction. This cures sour stomach and also aids in digestion.

If incurable by natural remedies, you can resort to antacid available over the counter or consult your doctor.

Individuals who experience recurrent sour stomach, or who suffer severe symptoms, should consult a physician immediately.

Do not fear sour stomach. Get rid of it! Share your home remedies for sour stomach with us in the comment section.

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