6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Triphala Churna

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Indian Ayurvedic medicine is perhaps the oldest and most trusted form of healing the body. While the world has evolved and changed, the cures, recipes, and home remedies of Indian Ayurveda have stood the test of time. They have only become more trusted and widely used with time. Today, with increasing awareness about health and side effects of allopathic medicine, using kitchen herbs, spices and condiments for treatment is becoming an increasingly attractive option. One of the many home remedies recommended by Ayurveda for many simple day to day problems is Triphala.

What is Triphala?

Triphala is not a standalone kitchen species or herb. Triphala is, in fact, a combination of two Sanskrit words, Tri: three and Phala, which means fruit. This means “triphala” is not one fruit or herb, but three fruits in one, in their dried and powdered form. Triphala is composed of the following three fruits:

  • Embilica Officinalis, commonly known to the Indian people as Amla and otherwise called Indian gooseberry
  • Terminalia Bellirica, commonly referred to as Bibhitaki in many languages, called Vibhidaka in Sanskrit and many people also called it the bedda or “Baheda” in day to day language.
  • Terminalia chebula, called haritaki in Sanskrit is a nut like fruit picked when it is still yellow and ripening, mostly known as “harad” to common people.

These three fruits are dried properly to get the right form, then mixed in right proportions and sold as ‘triphala’. You can also try and do the mixing at home and have your own little treatment pack at home.

6 Amazing Triphala Benefits:

While the three are used separately for various treatments plans, the three together can be quite a power packed treatment for a number of health problems. The benefits of Triphala churna are listed below.

1. Digestive Problems: 

Triphala works great as a laxative and can be used to stimulate bowel movements for a clean stomach and bowel. People with digestive problems or bowel movements issues can have one spoon triphala before going to bed at night and be constipation free the next morning. You can also take a spoon early morning on an empty stomach with loads of water. What does that do? It

  • Cleanses your stomach and ensure clearer stomach movements
  • Is a great way to relieve gas by relieving one of flatulence
  • Provides nutrition in the form of nutrients and vitamins to the entire digestive tract, starting from the oesophagus to the anus.
  • Works to improve and strengthen the rectal muscles

2. Detoxify

Once you start consuming Triphala, you can also give your body the necessary detoxification. The herb lends your skin a glowing touch.

3. Healthy Eyes: 

Triphala is a potent eye tonic which will keep your eyes healthy and sharp. Mix and soak about 1-2 spoons of triphala powder in warm water and leave it overnight. In the morning, strain the soaked mixture and use this mixture to clean your eyes. This simple remedy will keep your eyes infection free and healthy.

4. Improved Blood Circulation: 

The triphala churan is a great way to stimulate and improve healthy blood circulation by improving and increasing the cardio movements in the capillary and strengthening flavonoid, which aids in healthy and improved blood circulation.

5. Give Your Immunity a Boost:

Thanks to the wonderful triphala churna benefits that includes cleaning the gastric and digestive tract, improving blood circulation and nourishing the body from within by providing necessary nutrients and minerals, Tripala helps boost the body’s immunity with its power packed spoon of health.

6. Reduces Inflammation

Regular consumption of triphala also helps reduce internal and external inflammation that one might have due to lack of proper immunity or lack of nutrients in the body.

The Individual Contributors:

The triphala churan offers all these great properties thanks to its constituents, which are loaded with the goodness of nature.

1. Amla Does the Trick:

  • Amla brings to the churan many benefits of its own. Amla is rich in Vitamin C, which helps in boosting immunity, works as a great antioxidant, and helps absorb food properly to improve digestion.
  • Vitamin C is a richness that amla offers to anyone who consumes it and helps improve absorption of iron into the blood and is great for people who suffer with anemia.
  • Vitamin C is also a stimulator for the gall bladder and liver and helps improve the digestive tract while detoxifying the body by the production of healthy radicals. It is also a good treatment for girls and women alike who suffer from menstrual problems.
  • Amla is also good for the urinary system, respiratory system and removes mucus from the lungs.
  • Also, since it stimulates blood circulation, amla stimulates the brain functioning and absorption of minerals that give considerable health to the skin, hair, nails, and teeth.

2. Harad is Amazing:

  • Harad works for eyes and helps prevent diseases like cataract and glaucoma
  • It improves and aids in promoting the healing process and hence any wounds, ulcers heal faster
  • Harad works great for any kind of skin problems or diseases
  • Harad also works for spleen, liver; helps with memory boosting and clarity of mind
  • Since Harad is good for skin, it also is good as an anti-aging remedy for people

3. Baheda – The Wonder Watch:

  • It works to help purify blood, burn and remove excess body fat along with harmful toxins, improves eye sight, and has antiviral and antibacterial qualities too.
  • It also assists and works for strengthening the roots of the hair, reduce hair fall and graying of hair.

The three together are a powerful pack of health and work wonders for all kinds of health issues and problems. The biggest contributing factor is the fact that they clean the bowel and purify the blood. The two make for most of the problem we as humans face due to improper eating and reduced immunity. Once you get your bowel going and stomach healthy, you can rest assured of good health.
Above all, the triphala powder also aids to lose weight. Since it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, it is also used for arthritis treatment and to reduce inflammation. Also, it has antioxidants and is used to prevent or delay aging. It also has some anti-cancer properties.

How to Consume or Use the Triphala Churna?

Now that we have established and discussed in detail the many benefits of triphala churna, it is important to know and understand how to best take the churna for best result. Given that the 3 ingredients are all diverse in taste and not so good when you try and taste with your mouth, together they mix to form a taste that can sometimes be difficult for many to smell or digest.

  • One is supposed to eat a spoonful of triphala with water, but if one finds it tough to gulp it down, mixing it with a little honey, lemon or sugar is a good idea. But it is important to mention here that add one of these only to slightly alter the taste of triphala powder, not to make it taste sweet.
  • The best way is to consume the powder early in the morning on an empty stomach with warm water.
  • Another way is to consume the powder at night about 2 hours before bed time with warm water. There is no recommended dosage as it has no side effects that have been established so far. So, the best is to know the dosage that works for you and stick to it.
  • You can also make tea with the powder to get its benefits. Boil it in water and drink after adding about a teaspoon of honey to the mixture for good taste.

Where Can One Get Triphala?

The best thing about Ayurvedic medicine is and was that it is easily accessible to all of us in the kitchen of our house or can be made with a few simple ingredients that are easily available. One can get the three fruits, dry them in the shade and sun properly, grind and mix them at home for best results. However, for those who has no time to put it together, it is also easily available in the market so simply buy and use!

There is no set time or season to start its usage. Daily consumption is the way to go and ensure that one gets the desired results from the use of the triphala powder. It is a passageway to good health and healthy living at no extra cost. One can simply take a spoonful each day and say goodbye to some of the biggest health issues and problems that haunt us today.

The key to good health is often something really simple like the triphala herb that is enriched with goodness that we often overlook. So what are you waiting for? Go the triphala way and live a three times happier life!!

Have you ever used Ayurveda for treatment? Has the Triphala powder worked for you? Do share your experience with us in the comments section below!

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