6 Amazing Benefits Of Hammer Strength Exercise To Strengthen Your Body

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Have you ever noticed the fitness equipments in you gym? Are they safe, reliable and efficient? Or are you thinking about making a home gym and confused about which equipment to buy? Here is your guide to one of the best lines of fitness equipment and that is Hammer Strength!

What Is Hammer Strength?

Hammer Strength is a line of elite strength equipment created by Gary Jones in 1989. Jones used biomechanics to create these top of the line equipments. He created this equipment as he wanted to improve the strength training and creating equipments that are safe, efficient and enjoyable.

He says he wanted to develop ‘strength equipment that mirrors human movement and gives users the safest, most efficient and satisfying workout possible’. Highly sophisticated Computer Aided Design (CAD) solid modeling software was programmed to prepare the 3D models of the equipment. The name of the company signifies heavy duty and hard core workout. Hammer Strength was purchased by LifeFitness in 1997. Already no.1 in Plate Loaded equipments, now Hammer Strength offers the world more modern machines and other strength training equipment, such as benches and racks. LifeFitness now describes the line as ‘Powerful. Rugged. Reliable.’

Benefits Of Hammer Strength Equipments:

It is not without reasons that Hammer Strength is touted as one of the best equipment lines in the world. The equipment offers a myriad of benefits. Here is why you should consider Hammer Strength while choosing your exercise equipment next time.

1. Biomechanics:

Jones used biomechanics as the basis of his equipment line. He wanted to create equipment that followed the ‘natural’ motion arcs. He used the science of human movements to develop Hammer Strength. The designs were a result of numerous consultations with sports doctors, chiropractors and pro athletes. Biomechanical design makes the Hammer Strength equipment safer for workouts. It is designed to reduce the risk of injuries while improving its effectiveness in daily life training.

2. Iso-Lateral Technology:

Iso-lateral technology is a patent of Hammer Strength, which makes this equipment unique. This technology allows muscles to move through unique ranges of motion that are biomechanically natural to us. These equipments combine unilateral movements with converging and diverging arcs to build functional strength. It allows the exerciser to move the limbs independently. We can move both the arms at the same time, one arm at a time or alternately. It helps in training both the sides of the body equally, so that the stronger side does not overshadow the weaker one. And at the same time, you can train your weaker side become stronger.

3. Ground-Based Technology:

Ground-based technology allows training with feet on the ground. Ground-based machines are movement based rather than muscle based. It improves the total body stabilization, enhances the balance and provides greater functional workouts.

4. Structural Integrity:

Hammer Strength equipments are space efficient, safe and controllable. They offer maximum structural integrity, durability and comfort. The cushions and grip used in the machines are non-marking and resilient. Further, safety is the prime focus in these equipments. The quality of these equipments can be guessed from the fact that most of the equipment come with a 10-year warranty. The company claims that these equipments are designed to provide results.

5. Total Body Training:

The iso-lateral movements allow the exerciser to mix up the workout and hit various muscle groups at the same time. This allows one to better train the entire body. The choices of exercises one can do are never ending.

6. Advanced Performance Training:

The biomechanical technology used for developing these instruments helps athletes improve their on-field performance. These equipments are used by pros as well as common enthusiasts. It is also suitable for all levels of exercisers. A beginner and an advanced exerciser can use the same equipment by adjusting it according to her level.

Hammer Strength is the baby of Jones’ innovative mind and dedication. The company currently hold 25 patents for innovative features and has more than 60 different strength training equipments under it name. The most important thing about Hammer Strength is that the ‘user’ is always the focal point.

Have you ever used Hammer Strength equipments? What was your experience? Share with us in the comments section below.

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