6 Amazing Benefits Of Denise Austin Yoga Body Burn Program

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Have you tried any yoga workout DVDs? Are you familiar with Denise Austin? If your answer is no to both of these questions, then let me just say you are in for a surprise. And if you are a yoga workout fan, but have yet not tried Denise, then you are certainly in for a treat! A good yoga workout DVD is fun, interesting, sexy, fierce and it makes you burn real good! And Denise Austin’s Yoga Body Burn is amongst the best out there. It gives you a good stretch, burns calories and sculpts those muscles. Trust me, Denise won’t let you get bored. So, let’s first know more about Denise.

Who Is Denise Austin?

I got familiar with the exercise icon Denise Austin during my very first foray into the world of Yoga and I must say, even after 5 years, I am still a loyal fan and follower. Denise Austin, known as ‘America’s favorite fitness expert’, has been in the fitness industry for more than 30 years now. She is a trainer, a yogi, a health and fitness expert, an author and a fitness celebrity. Known for her bubbly, vibrant persona and her zest for life, the woman has around 100 workout videos and 12 books on fitness under her name. She has starred in many popular, super hit fitness shows like Getting Fit, Fit and Lite and Denise Austin’s Daily Workouts. Her fitness DVDs offer a myriad of styles—from a dance workout with Burn Fat Fast Latin Dance, to a cardio-strength training workout with Fit In A Flash, to a yoga workout with Hot Body Yoga—Denise has covered all.

What Is Denise Austin’s Yoga Body Burn?

As the name suggests, Denise Austin’s Yoga Body Burn is a yoga workout DVD, which will leave your body burning! Yoga Body Burn was released in 2007 and focuses on the sculpting aspect of Yoga. The DVD can be divided into 4 workouts – 3 main ‘Fat-Burning Yoga’ workouts and the 4th one is a bonus. The 3 main workouts are ‘Total Body Toning’, ‘Lean Legs’, and ‘Flat Abs’. The 4th workout is ’10 minute Energizing Stretch Workout’. The workout mostly follows the Vinyasa style of yoga. This one is a slightly more advanced workout DVD with the involvement of advanced yoga poses like the Crow Pose than Denise’s other Yoga DVDs like Hot Body Yoga, which is great for beginners. The first 2 sections show Denise and her two assistant trainers while for the next 2 sections, we will workout with Denise.

The first workout, ‘Total Body Toning’ is a 20 minute long workout including mostly Vinyasa standing posture like Warrior 2, Warrior 3, Triangle, Balancing Stick, Dancer’s Pose, Down Dog, and many more with the main emphasis on flow, movement and pace. This section is more fast paced than the other three. The cardio aspect of this section focuses on burning calories and boosting metabolism.

The next two workouts, ‘Lean Legs ‘ and ‘Flat Abs’ are target specific workouts, which aim at sculpting toned legs and killer abs, respectively. Both the sections are for 10 minutes each and include a variety of inventive yoga poses as well as the traditional poses. The pace is a little slower than the first section and the flow is focused on sculpting and building muscles rather than burning calories.

The last section, ‘Energizing Stretch’ includes stretching yoga poses, which have a cooling down and relaxation effect. The relaxation poses help in relieving the stress as well as in stretching the muscles that have been worked on in the previous workout to take away the cramps.

The Pros:

Practicing Yoga Body Burn offers many benefits. Some of them are :

  1. The workouts in this DVD are fun. Different yoga poses are placed in such flow that it keeps the workout interesting. There are many inventive versions of the traditional poses. Even with the traditional, most common poses like Down Dog ad Cobra, the placement of postures is such that we never know what comes next and are kept on our toes.
  2. Denise’s upbeat attitude and constant reminders keep us going even when we think we can’t continue. Denise makes us feel like we are working out with a friend. Her smile and enthusiasm inspire us to just grin and reach the finished line.
  3. The division of the workouts and their length is great. The workouts are short and can be done together as well as separately. You can do a complete 40 minute workout if you want. You can also mix and match the different sections according to your needs. The Menu option makes it easier to navigate among different sections. So, you can do the different sessions separately and mix them with other DVDs or workouts to make things more interesting and different.
  4. Both the background sets and the music used by Denise are amazing, effective and motivating.
  5. The workout is challenging and makes you push yourself harder, but it is not overly hard in a way that can discourage people.
  6. The strengthening moves and the stretching moves are placed in such a flow that it prevents excessive soreness in the muscles.

The Cons:

Let’s have a look at the drawbacks of Denise Austin’s Yoga Body Burn:

  1. This is Denise’s more advanced videos and is not ideal for the total beginners unlike her other Yoga DVDs like Yoga Buns and Hot Body Yoga.
  2. The DVD is fast paced with less instructions and cues. This can be considered a con for the beginners who require more instructions. But, if you have previous knowledge of yoga and know your basic poses, then it is no problem.
  3. Some people like to have their music while working out. The DVD gives the option of muting Denise’s voice with only music on but not the option of muting the music without affecting Denise’s instructions. This option would have been handy for many.
  4. Yoga Body Burn gives you a good workout, which is challenging as well as encouraging. It helps in burning calories and losing fat with all the benefits associated with yoga. Denise is an inspirational trainer. Try Yoga Body Burn and also other Workout DVDs by Denise Austin and get fit, healthy and strong with a sculpted and toned body.

Have you ever heard or tried Denise Austin’s workout DVDs? Did you enjoy them? Share with us in the comments section below.

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