5 Superfoods You Must Take If You Are In Your 20s

If you happen to be that typical someone who has just entered her twenties, you probably would have devised a way of living for yourself; of satisfying your gustatory cravings in the plush air-conditioned ambiences of Dominoes or Subways. And in this fast-paced modern era, unless otherwise we are the descendants of health enthusiasts like Arnold Schwarzanegger or Jane Fonda, it is no wonder we are turning our bodies into biological dumpyards of organic garbage.

The following are 5 superfoods, which, if taken in your 20s, can give you amazing returns.

1. Frozen Fruits:

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It is pretty obvious that you being in your 20s carry an irresistible fondness for sugared foods. And this is where fruits come into play. They are healthy and satiate your sugar coated desires. Berries, mangoes and pineapples are loaded with fibre and vitamins. They serve as faithful carriers of nutrients and delectable add-ons for your smoothies or yogurt.

2. Red Meat And Eggs:

Red Meat And Eggs
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Red meat is a storehouse of natural nutrients and other vitamins. It is loaded with iron, the deficiency of which is a common cause of anemia in young women. Also, iron helps combat fatigue and raises the levels of alertness and attention. Red meat also contains considerable amount of water which makes it a low-calorie and high-vitamin food.

Eggs, needless to say, are the best sources of protein on the planet. They contain the 9 essential amino acids and also have the capability of making you feel full. That is, you eat less and yet are blessed with a super dose of nutrients.

3. Low Fat Yogurt:

Low Fat Yogurt
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‘Thirties’ is the period when you would start losing bone mass, and ‘twenties’ is the period when you must brace yourselves and embrace this magic food rich in calcium and Vitamin D. Yogurt also helps in the prevention of dental problems in the later years of your life. The presence of probiotics (beneficial bacteria) builds immunity and aids digestion.

4. Beans:

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These kidney shaped foods are an amazing concoction of a variety of nutrients; fiber, phytochemicals, iron and protein. They also aid in weight reduction and disease prevention. The digestion of beans happens slowly thereby keeping you satisfied and full for a longer period of time. The presence of folic acid in beans makes them a must eat, especially for pregnant or expecting women in their late twenties.

5. Broccoli:

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The benefits of Broccoli are no less than mind blowing. The ability to reduce cholesterol and control inflammation makes Broccoli a power food. It is a rich source of vitamin C and an amazing anti-oxidant; and the voluminous presence of calcium and Vitamin K helps prevent osteoporosis.

So what are you waiting for? Include these 5 superfoods in your diet, and get supercharged with a refreshing flush of high-end vitamins and nutrients!

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