5 Simple Tips To Reduce Belly Fat After Pregnancy

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Of all things that women dread about pregnancy, getting back into shape is probably the most difficult one. Childbirth is a mere comma, not a full stop. What begins is a lifetime struggle to fight exhaustion and reach a place, where you are at peace with your own self and your surroundings. However, it is a goal impossible to achieve without adequate knowledge and proper organizational skills. This article will bust a few myths, correct a few mistakes and answer a few frequently asked questions. It would be your guide to the first step to motherhood, where you try to find yourself again by toning your body and gaining some control on your life.

Causes Of Storage Of Fat:

The quality and the quantity of food ingested vary during pregnancy. Food items, which are rich in proteins and fat, are preferably recommended during pregnancy. The excess amount of carbohydrates and fat get stored under the skin. These are not utilized either for the development of the fetus or for the bodily functions. These lead to sagging body parts, stretch marks and other problems. If left untreated, it will only get worsened with time. Worse of all, affecting the confidence levels, it will take a toll on your health.

Why Tummy Is The Chief Problem Area:

During the gestation period, the body produces more hormones in comparison to the normal state of the body. The hormone level in the body causes mood swings, stress and what not. Labor pains and childbirth follow those hectic nine months. After which may be your expanded uterus has shifted to its original shape. Perhaps you have achieved the target weight on the scale, but you will face hard times because of the sagging tummy and loose abs. Exercising is certainly the only permanent solution to go back to where you were.

When Is The Right Time To Start: Busting The Myths

A common myth, associated with pregnancy states that you should not start exercising immediately after childbirth. However, in C- sections and in some critical cases, complete bed rest is advised by the doctors to practice caution. But, it is best to start early. Light exercises will also take you a long way. You will be doing a big favor to yourself.

1. Sacrificing Nutrition:

Many women make the trivial, yet the disastrous mistake of skipping the meals or replacing a proper meal with dietary supplements post childbirth. Your body has suffered a lot. It is crucial that you maintain your diet to produce enough milk. It should be enriched with micronutrients that will maintain the metabolic cycle of the newborn’s body and ensure proper postnatal development. Trust nutritionists and the doctors when they say you need your energy. The wisest decision is to eat all you need and not stop taking any medication without the doctor’s advice.

2. Walking:

The simplest form of exercise not just after childbirth, but in general is walking. It does not seem like much at one go, but when you are recovering from the frequent body aches, headaches, soreness etc, it is particularly beneficial. Moreover, the fun part is, your little one could be your companion.

Spending evenings taking a gentle walk on the parks is just wonderful. Carrying your baby in a front pack is a good idea too. The weight will not only help you to lose fat faster but is also quite healthier. Once you gain control over your body, you can make necessary changes. Track your recovery with regular visits to the doctor and proceed accordingly.

3. Keeping It Simple And Tightening Up:

As time goes by, things begin to fall in place. You and the baby are being accustomed to a particular schedule. His napping time, playing time, etc., will give you some time for yourself and it is essential for you make the good use of it. It is time you switch to a few simple do at home exercises. Begin with basic crunches. Start out slowly with a set or two of twenty and remember not to push yourself too hard. Your gut feeling will guide you. You will know when it is time to move to the next level.

4. Benefits Of Anulom-Vilom:

Not everyone is into the western exercises. Some believe in the good old yoga. The Vedas and the Puranas talk volumes about the benefits of yoga and their contributions towards the regulation of the body functions. Yoga gets its target organs extremely right and thus, yields results. Anulom-vilom is a breathing exercise that involves drawing air from your diaphragm and holding it in your abs. The regular rhythmic contractions involve considerable tightening (during inhalation) and relaxation (during exhalation), which help in toning your upper and lower abdomen. Maintain a straight posture and as you begin to feel stronger, increase the time, for which you can hold the air. It will be a gradual progress that also improves digestion by increasing peristalsis or gut movement.

5. Beating Boredom:

Introducing variation in your workout regime is essential. When you have a strict routine for the day, this could become monotonous. When you alternate it to create new workout plans for each day of the week, you automatically keep yourself from losing interest and thereby, deviating from your goal. Have some fun!

Motherhood completes a woman. At the same time if you are not cautious enough, it will take a toll on your health. However, when you are prepared for what lies ahead, the mammoth task becomes a lot easier. Though, the belly fat and the saggy abs are difficult to deal with, it is not impossible. The tips mentioned here are scientifically proven. Keeping stress at bay, along with a balanced diet and exercise could easily help you to find your way back to a normal healthy lifestyle. Being a woman is not different from being a mother after all. Motherhood is very much a part of womanhood.

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