5 Signs Of Makeup Addiction You Should Be Aware Of

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Waking up at 3.30 am to put on makeup and then going back to sleep. Never removing makeup before everyone around is asleep. Sounds like fiction, right? But this is reality! This is no fictional character I am talking about. This was a friend, a dear friend. She spent years following this seemingly insane routine, until one morning, when she couldn’t wake up on time. When her husband woke up, he was shocked to find himself sleeping beside another woman. Yes, he couldn’t recognize her without her makeup!

Makeup addiction is a reality. People may scoff at it but those who suffer from it can tell you how bad it can get. Makeup addiction can creep upon anyone, irrespective of the age and time. While cosmetics do help you look beautiful, wearing it all the time can have disastrous effects.

5 Signs Of Makeup Addiction:

Are you a makeup addict? Can you imagine yourself in a condition without makeup? Check out these 5 tell-tale signs that you are a makeup junkie:

1. Non-Stop Collection of Cosmetics:

Be warned! If you are hoarding up on cosmetics, then you are addicted to them. You may have a vast stash with you, but that won’t stop you from adding more to your collection. Okay, you can throw away your old collection and then build up a new one. There is no reason why you should still cling on to the old one, which is outdated and even worse, have overrun their expiry dates.

2. Same Color, Countless Numbers:

Check your vanity case. Shocked to find 15 lipsticks of similar shades? 25 red lipsticks, 15 mauve eye shadows, 10 beige bronzers, and not to forget the similar shades of CC and BB creams from all the available brands! Come on, you are not a makeup professional who needs all these at the same time. These are visible symptoms of your addiction!

The solution: cut down the numbers. You can keep 2 or a maximum of 3 variants. Not more than that. Throw away all those shades that you haven’t touched in recent times.

3. Ending up at the Cosmetic Aisle Anywhere and Everywhere:

Are you finding yourself amidst the world of cosmetics, irrespective of whatever you are doing? Be it the countless tutorials on the web or your favorite books or even the supermarket – if you find yourself lost in the makeup world, then it is high time you become conscious! Let them just be the aids to enhance your beauty. Don’t allow them to consume your world or they will ruin your life.

4. Spending Overzealously on Cosmetics:

Mrs. X was a very thrifty woman, with a budget allocated for every other thing. However, her beauty consciousness overtook her budget and she started spending what she allocated even for groceries and other stuffs on her makeup. If you are also like her, then you are under the makeup fever. The only way to end this is to realize the fact. Plan accordingly. Allocate a small amount each month and then try to buy makeup products within that budget.

5. Spending too Much Time Getting Ready:

Yet another tell-tale sign of being a makeup addict is that you take everlastingly long to get ready! You will have a problem with your nails or lipstick, or if everything looks fine, then you might feel your eyes have been over colored. You always want to look perfect – and just can’t tolerate even a simple carelessness. Come on, makeup adds to your beauty and is not for covering you up!

The solution: reason with yourself. It is perfectly fine if you miss out that extra shade of nail paint. No one is going to make fun of you. Convince yourself that you are beautiful. Once you are convinced, no tricks will work on you.

People, especially women, possess an intense desire to look beautiful. And given the hoards and loads of makeup ads that are popping up everywhere, you are bound to get tempted by them. Makeup addiction, unarguably, is a kind of obsessive compulsive disorder. You have to work on yourself, accept the facts, accept the way you look. And, then you will find yourself at peace.

Do you know someone who is a makeup addict? Lead them to this page and help change a life!
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