5 Shockingly Amazing Health Benefits Of Marijuana

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Marijuana – whenever we hear the name, an image of smoke puffing out of a paper tube is what comes to our mind. But beneath the condemned clothing this drug carries, there lie amazing medicinal properties. Banned by many countries the world over, the benefits that this plant offers can only blow our minds away. And perhaps, broaden our minds too.

The following is a list of some of the most dreaded health conditions which can be treated by marijuana.

1. Treats Glaucoma:

Over the past few decades, it has been proved time and again that marijuana could cure Glaucoma.  This eye condition causes complete and irreversible blindness. Research has shown that marijuana can reduce eye pressure that causes optic nerve damage and prevent blindness. The treatment for Glaucoma is most effective when marijuana is infused orally or by inhalation.

2. Kills Cancer Cells:

Smoking causes cancer; we all know that. There is a widespread rumour which says that marijuana causes as much damage to health as cigarettes do. But the truth being that  tobacco in cigarettes is radiated, while marijuana is not. The active ingredients in marijuana, the cannabinoids, increase appetite in cancer patients. These also play a vital role in stopping cancer cells from spreading through the body. It has been discovered that this magic drug has properties that help in slowing down tumour growths in lungs and brains.

3. Slows Down The Development Of Alzheimer’s:

Alzheimer’s disease deteriorates the mental faculties by destroying brain cells. This ailment is mostly seen in old people. It was found that THC, a chemical in marijuana, works better in treating the disease than most other commercial drugs. An enzyme in the brain creates a plaque which gets deposited on the brain’s surface. This plaque begins to slowly kill brain cells, which results in Alzheimer’s. THC blocks this fatal enzyme thereby slowing down the creation of the plaque. The chemical also inhibits the formation of protein clumps which hamper cognition and memory.

4. Helps In Curbing Conditions Associated With AIDS:

Marijuana can restrict the progression of AIDS. This killer disease which saps a person’s immunity and makes their life a living hell can be restricted to a great extent with the help of marijuana. Similar to Cancer treatment, the THC in marijuana stops HIV from spreading throughout the body. Marijuana provides instant relief from vomiting, nausea and other side-effects of the AIDS treatment. Patients undergoing medication usually undergo severe aches, crushing exhaustion and loss of appetite. Prescribed doses of marijuana can give instant relief and restore lost appetite.

5. Cures Depression:

Depression may not appear like a serious health issue, but it also has taken away the lives of many a people. The condition comes with its own set of pains and perils, and here is where marijuana comes to the rescue. Studies have shown that occasional intake of marijuana reduce depression. Marijuana also helps moody and anxious people by breaking negative or toxic thought cycles. This provides the sufferers with instant relief and restores mood.

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