5 Reasons For Weight Loss In Diabetic Patients

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Diabetes is one of the most common and serious diseases that affects thousands of people worldwide. It also happens to be one of the fastest growing chronic diseases. This disease is a condition wherein our body doesn’t utilize the ingested glucose properly. As a result, the blood sugar levels rise.

It has often been found that diabetics start losing weight suddenly and drastically. Many think that any kind of weight loss is good but in this case, it sure isn’t. There are a host of reasons behind weight loss in diabetic patients. When we say weight loss, we mean unintentional or unexplained weight loss, that is, losing weight without going on a diet or a workout regime.

To be able to understand the reasons behind diabetic weight loss, let us first see different types of diabetes. Diabetes is of two different types, Type 1 and Type 2. In Type 1, the body either does not produce enough insulin or makes no insulin at all. In Type 2, the body does produce insulin but our cells do not respond to the signals of the chemical to absorb insulin. As a result, the sugar is found to be straying in the blood stream. Often with Type 2 diabetes, people notice drastic and involuntary weight loss. Such a weight loss should never be considered healthy. So, let us understand few reasons behind this weight loss in diabetic patients.

Reasons for Diabetic Weight Loss

1. When Insulin Does Not Get Glucose into The Cell: When the hormone insulin in our body does not get enough glucose into the cells (our cells use glucose as energy), our body actually thinks that it is starving. As a result, it starts breaking down protein from our muscles and also breaks down fat as an alternate source of energy. This often results in sudden weight loss.

2. Kidneys Work Overtime To Get Rid Of Excess Sugar From Blood: Since the sugar remains in the blood stream, kidneys work overtime in order to eliminate excess sugar from the blood. As a result, the system ends up working more and sheds extra weight and calories. Your kidneys tend to take the load which explains the weight drop. This is another reason why diabetic people lose weight.

3. It is extremely important for diabetic patients to pay attention to sudden weight loss. When the body breaks down fats to fuel energy, it produces a chemical called ketone. These ketones are very dangerous because they enter the blood stream making the blood acidic. Such acidic blood can even result in life-taking organ damage or failure.

4. If you find yourself to be losing weight suddenly or the urge to urinate frequently, you must visit your physician at the earliest. Sudden hunger pangs and increased thirst are also symptoms of diabetes. You must take an aggressive approach to sudden drop in weight.

5. The best way to avoid any complications is to keep blood sugar levels under control. One must visit doctor regularly and chalk out a proper and careful diet and fitness plan. It is essential to adhere to the medical advice. Most of the times, a healthy diet, fit lifestyle and medications together help keep blood sugar levels under check.

So these were some of the reasons behind sudden weight loss due to diabetes. If you are diabetic, drastic weight loss indicates a serious underlying illness. Make sure you do not ignore it and get a proper check up done.

Hope, you find the article useful in understanding the reasons for sudden weight loss in diabetic patients. Do write to us if there are any other tricks and tips to combat diabetic weight loss. Please share your feedback with us by leaving a comment below. Till then, take care and stay healthy.

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