5 Effective Yoga Asanas For Periods

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Gradually my whole concept of time changed until I thought of a month as having twenty-five days of humanness and five others when I might just as well have been an animal in a steel trap.” – Florence King

The prolific American author has aptly summed up the dilemmas related to periods. We all suffer from cramps, tissue tenderness and bloating during our periods – these make our lives miserable.

Fret not dear ladies, as MQDEE is here to the rescue with asanas specifically meant to help you get rid of your period woes. These will increase your blood circulation and release endorphins, which will offer you relief from cramps and bloating. Practicing yoga is the best during this tumultuous period as it is good for your mind and body. Let us take a look at how the age-old yoga asanas can help us with our problems.

There is also a reverse theory that states that yoga should not be practiced during periods. As each woman’s body is different, yoga can be beneficial for you. Yoga can also relieve migraines associated with periods.

Top 5 Yoga Asanas For Periods:

Read on to know more about the yoga poses, which will give you relief on those painful days:

1. Fish Pose (Matsyasana):

Fish Pose
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Similar to dhanurasana, it beats fatigue and menstrual pain. It stretches out the muscles of the back, neck, chest and legs. This gives relief from muscle aches and pains, commonly associated with menstruation. This pose helps stimulate the organs of the stomach and abdomen. It effectively fights against indigestion and gas problem, associated with bloating.

Steps To Perform The Asana:

  • Lie with your back flat on the floor. Your knees should be bent, and your feet flat on the floor.
  • Next straighten your legs and place your arms on either side.
  • Raise your hips, one side at a time and place your hands under each hip.
  • Try and bend your elbows, and push your upper body off the floor. Exhale as you perform this step.
  • Raise your chest and tilt your head backwards.
  • Hold this pose for a while and inhale as you rest your back.

2. Bow Pose (Dhanurasana):

Bow Pose

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This pose relieves constipation and respiratory issues. It also removes menstruation-related complaints. Some of them are backache, fatigue and anxiety. It stretches the entire front portion of the body. This pose involves putting all the weight on the navel point. It stimulates the stomach organs, eases cramps and regulates blood flow to the uterus. It also relieves pain and bloating.

Steps To Perform The Pose:

  • Lie down on your stomach, keeping the feet hip-width apart. Place your arms by your sides.
  • Bend your knees and stretch out your hands to hold your ankles.
  • Next, breathe in and raise your body from the front to ensure that your chest is off the ground. Lift your thighs parallely and off the ground.
  • Hold this pose for as long as you are comfortable, and return to the original position.
  • Exhale when you release your ankles.
  • Always listen to your body and don’t overdo the stretches.

3. Camel Pose (Ustrasana):

Camel Pose
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This pose relieves menstrual discomfort. It lessens back ache and helps your body relax.

Steps To Perform The Asana:

  • Kneel and press your shins onto the floor, ensuring that the shins are flat against the floor.
  • Next place your hands on either side of your pelvis.
  • Ensure that your palms are resting on the top of your hip bone.
  • Tilt your tailbone downwards, keeping your upper body upright. Inhale and tilt your head back. The chin should be pointing towards the sky.
  • Form an inward arch in your back.
  • There should be a stretch right from your chin down to your belly.
  • Hold this pose for twenty seconds. Now exhale and come back to your original position.

4. Noose Pose (Pasasana):

Noose Pose
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This pose helps stretch the muscles of the back, ankles and belly. It also helps to relieve lower back pain, which turns very painful during periods.

Steps To Perform The Asana:

  • Begin by standing straight and folding your hands in the ‘namaste’ position.
  • Keep your feet together.
  • Next squat, so that your buttocks touch your calves.
  • Exhale and stretch your right hand over your left knee. Ensure that the forearm passes the shin. This allows your back to twist.
  • Take the other hand behind your back and clasp the hands together. You can even hold the wrist of the other hand.

5. Head-To-Knee Forward Bend (Janu Sirsasana):

Forward Bend
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This is a good pose to stretch the spine, hamstrings and shoulder. It is even known to alleviate mild depression. It frees you from menstrual issues like fatigue, anxiety and headaches.

Steps To Perform The Asana:

  • Begin in a seated position, with your legs extended forward.
  • Bend the right knee outward to a right angle and press the other foot into the inner left thigh. Grab the left foot and stretch the torso over the straight leg. Inhale as you do this.
  • Now fold slowly forwards from the groin. Exhale as you do this.
  • Extend the spine and lengthen your torso.
  • Pull your left toes toward you. Extend through the left heel. Keep the right foot firmly pressed into the left thigh.
  • Ensure that you are sitting flat and not curving up. Maintain this position for 2-3 minutes, and relax. Now practice for the other leg.

Word Of Caution:

Always consult your doctor before embarking on a new fitness regimen. Consume foods that are known to reduce bloating and cramps. You can make your own lemon-mint water or even apple cinnamon water to detoxify and soothe your senses. Consume iron-rich foods during menstruation. Avoid pain relievers and opt for a hot water bottle and chamomile tea for a soothing effect.

Hopefully, these yoga asanas will help in alleviating the distressing menstrual issues. Remember that it’s only 5 days, and they too shall pass. Try and keep yourself busy rather than thinking too much about the discomforts. Indulge in a bit of cocoa therapy with a square of dark chocolate. Diligent practice of these asanas will provide long lasting comfort. Always listen to your body as you don’t want any pulled muscles. Stay happy and stay healthy.

If you practice these asanas, let us know about your experience in the comments section below.

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