5 Easy Step To Clean Up And Brighten Eyes After Makeup – Tutorial With Detailed Steps

Image : © Mqdee

Every girl loves wearing makeup. There is absolutely no denying of the fact! Even if you don’t pile up your face with loads of makeup, I am sure at least lining your eyes with kajal is a staple option for you. Isn’t it? Whether you love wearing softer matte looks or deeper intense smokey eyes, often eye makeup doesn’t stand out and appear as vibrant as we expect it to be. An intense smokey eye look can fall flat if you have deeper pigmented under eye bags, or even a simple eye liner, done with greyish concealer can look messed up, right? So, today we have a makeup lesson on how to tweak your eye area after doing eye makeup. Yes, it is the most important part of eye makeup. Finishing matters in everything, and in makeup too.

So, let’s begin the tutorial on how to clean up and brighten the eyes after doing eye makeup.

Required Products:

Let’s have a look at the products that you need to clean up and brighten your eyes after doing the eye makeup:

  • Wet tissue or a dry tissue with makeup remover
  • Highlighting concealer
  • Concealer matching your skin tone
  • Peach corrector for deep dark circles (optional)
  • Translucent or tinted compact powder

How To Clean Up And Brighten Eyes After Doing Eye Makeup:

Follow the steps to clean up and brighten your eyes:

Step 1:

Remove a clean ply of tissue paper (preferably wet). You can use cleansing tissue paper or dry tissue paper with a makeup remover. Open up the tissue paper and lay it down flat on your index finger as shown in the image. Cover your finger with the tissue paper. This step helps in easy cleaning of the under eye area. Cleaning the under eye area prior to the application of the concealer or powder is a crucial step. It removes fall outs of eye shadow and pigments used while doing the eye makeup.

Step 2:

Now place the tissue paper as shown in the image on the under eye area of your eyes. Start from the innermost corner of your eyes and then move to the middle and outermost V of the eyes. Do not put too much of pressure on the delicate under eye area as it might increase blood flow, resulting in an increase in pigmentation on the thin under eye skin. Apply a little pressure and swipe the tissue across the under eye area. If you have used a lot of loose pigment in the eye makeup, use a wet tissue with some makeup remover to remove speck of eye shadow from the under eye area.

Step 3:

Now place the same tissue paper and swipe the outermost V area of the eyes to clean up the edge of the eye makeup. It will create a sharp wing-shaped edge, which will lift your eye makeup, giving your eyes a wider effect.

Step 4:

Gently pat your favorite under eye cream to moisturize the delicate area. It will relieve the dryness, as even the slightest issue of dry skin can make your makeup appear patchy. Start by applying and blending it gently with your ring finger till it blends into the skin. Those with darker and pigmented eyelids should use a salmon or orange colored corrector before concealing to hide their dark circles perfectly, and also to achieve an even base for the eye makeup. As I have medium dark circles, I applied a darker concealer in this step after moisturizing, and blended it out.

Step 5:

Now, apply a highlighting concealer to the under eye area in the shape of a triangle. Highlighting concealers contain light shimmery particles, which help in illuminating the under eye area. It also lifts the eye makeup and creates a sultry look. The famous Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch Highlighting concealer is a great option for the Indian skin tones. Then, set it with a compact powder to stop creasing of the products applied earlier, and you are done!

There you are, flaunting your perfectly done eye makeup! Try these steps after doing your eye makeup to lift your eyes gorgeously.

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