5 Different Ways To Use A Tissue Paper For Makeup

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A safety pin can be a helpful tool for those last minute wardrobe fixes. Similarly, your makeup vanity case needs some essential tools to help you during the times of need. One such essential tool is a tissue paper. Though commonly used for blotting the skin to remove oil and shine, there are several other ways in which the humble tissue paper can help you when it comes to makeup.

This article will teach you the ways of using the tissue paper that I am sure you never even dreamt of!

Five Different Ways To Use Tissue Paper For Makeup:

Find out why exactly you need that wad of tissue paper in your makeup kit!

1. Blends Powder and Blush:

Blushes provide your cheeks with a natural flushed look without making your cheeks look harsh or bold. But, definitely not all of us are experts when it comes to blush application. Most of us tend to get overboard and often end up with strong patches of red or pink hues on our cheek. Here our tissue paper comes to our rescue! It is an easy tool to help us blend our makeup mistakes. Whether your face is loaded with compact powder or your cheeks with excess color—fold your tissue paper into a small triangle and softly sweep it on your skin to gently blend away the extra color. It is important to use a clean tissue paper as we don’t want to get hit by any bacterial infections leading to acne and pimples.

2. Create a Sharp Wing:

There are days when applying the eyeliner feels like fighting a war! Now you can make things easy by using a tissue paper! Use the sharp end of your tissue paper and place it at the outermost corner of your eyes to act as a guideline for the eyeliner. Then, use your favorite liquid or kajal and trace out the outer edge of the tissue paper to create a flick at the outer end. Then, pull the eyeliner inwards to form a triangle and apply the eyeliner as usual to complete the prefect winged eyeliner look.

3. Catch Your Extra Makeup:

Eyeshadow looks good only on our eyes, definitely not on our cheeks or chin! Whether it is the formula defect or you don’t understand the ins and outs of right eyeshadow application, you have high chances of the eyeshadow fallouts smattering your skin. The simple trick to prevent this is to hold a folded tissue paper under your eye area with your left hand and pat the eyeshadow loaded in a damp brush over your eyelid with your right hand for prefect application. And that’s it, all the eyeshadow fallouts will be on your tissue paper and not on your face!

4. Matte It:

Love matte-finished lipstick? Then use tissue paper!

Apply a thin layer of lipstick. Then blot it with a clean tissue paper to remove all the glossiness and shine from your lips. Follow this up with another coat of lipstick. This trick will increase the longevity of the lipstick irrespective of the formula as well as matte the formula for a fresher look. If you are always worried about your lipstick smearing, this trick will surely be a true winner!

5. Spot Cleaner:

If you are traveling, then this trick will help you save time. Dirty brushes affect the finish of the makeup as well as can transfer a lot of bacteria to your skin. Spot cleansing your makeup brushes can be a great time saver when you really don’t have the time to completely wash them. Spray little clean water on your tissue paper and then rub your brushes to and fro to clean them on the spot! That’s it ─ all the color left in the brush will transfer to your tissue paper and you will have cleaner brushes. Not an effective method for removing bacteria though, but great for those last minute clean ups!

Using multipurpose products is not just good for your pocket, but also saves time! These tips are a must have when you are traveling and have space crunch. Now you can look your absolute best without a plethora of makeup products! Give these tricks a try!

How else do you use your tissue paper? Share with us in the comments section below.

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