5 Different Uses Of Vaseline You Should Try Out

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Whether it is for everyday wear, college, an office party or a wedding, you definitely need to carry essential beauty products with you. A staple product which has ruled our vanity pouches over the years is Vaseline. Today we decided to crack up more secrets on this cult favorite product. So now, your good old Vaseline will serve more than one purpose!

Some of the ways of using a product in multiple ways are: a blush, which can double up as a bronzer or an eye shadow; a tinted moisturizer, which hydrates and provides a nice coverage; and a lipstick, which not only provides a good color to your lips, but also works well as a cheek stain. We love such multipurpose products. But a simple product like Vaseline with five different uses, is definitely intriguing to try; isn’t it? Well, nothing works like a multipurpose product when your father definitely refuses to splurge on your beauty whims!

5 Different Uses Of Vaseline:

Here is a makeup lesson that will tell you how to use Vaseline in 5 different ways, apart from just moisturizing your lips and skin!

1. Tame Frizz And Flyways:

Whether you are going for a super-sleek pony or a fancy tie up bun, flyways is quite annoying. They deter us from creating those pinned up hair style looks. Now, all you need to do is to apply a pea-sized amount of Vaseline to your flyways to smoothen and tame them, so as to keep them in place.

The jelly formula of Vaseline holds all the dry and frizzy hair intact, giving you that gorgeous, sleek and polished hair look. But, all you have to remember is that a little amount of Vaseline goes a long way!

You can also apply them to the ends of your hair to control those dry and frizzy tips on a bad hair day. Take a small amount on your finger tips, and then rub it within the palm to warm it up lightly. Then apply it to your hair ends for instantly taming your rough hair tips.

2. Frame Your Eyebrows:

Battling with unruly and rough eyebrows can be as tough as fighting a war, isn’t it? Eyebrows frame our face and provide that lift to our eyes. To instantly tame your eyebrows, start by applying a very thin layer of Vaseline with a very fine-angled synthetic eye brush, and then lightly coat your eyebrows.

A spoolie can also do the same job. Now, you needn’t splurge money on buying expensive brow gels, as you can fix your eyebrows within minutes by spending less than a penny!

3. Create Your Own Lip Gloss:

Do you have several broken eye shadows and blushes that are lying around as waste in your vanity case? Don’t really know how to put them to use? Squeeze out a small amount of Vaseline behind your hand, take your broken eyeshadows and mix it together. Ensure that no lump is formed in the mixture.

And that’s it! You will have a gorgeous lip gloss shade within minutes! The formula of the customized lip gloss, made with broken eyeshadow and Vaseline, will be hydrating and also provide an awesome color pay off to your lips. So, now remember not to throw away your broken eye shadows.

4. Under Eye Cream

If you run out of your favorite under eye cream, or if your eye cream does not provide you with the best moisturization, all you have to do is to apply a tiny bit of Vaseline to the under eye area at night before you hit the bed for your beauty sleep. The next day, you will notice soft and hydrated skin!

5. Makeup Remover

Love wearing makeup, but find it really difficult to remove? Don’t want to splurge on expensive makeup removers, or scared of strong, skin-damaging formulas? Well, try removing makeup with Vaseline. Load your cotton ball or pad with Vaseline, and gently swipe it under your eye area, and you will notice even the toughest of makeup melting away! Finish it off by cleansing your skin after removing the makeup to avoid any irritation.

There, now you have 5 different uses of Vaseline. Try it and let us know.

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