4 Effective Bench Exercises To Strengthen Your Back

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We often spend hours working on our arms and chest, but ignore our back. But, an upper body workout can never be complete without back exercises. A strong back is important to support your front, your core and well, all the weight of the world that is wearing you down.

Back Exercises On Bench:

Here are 4 exercises that you should include in your workout routine to get a strong and svelte back. Make sure you do good stretching exercises for your back before doing these exercises.

1. Single Arm Back Row:

This move targets your entire back, but it mainly targets your middle back. Using a bench engages the lower back muscles as well as the core muscles.

  • Stand beside the bench and leaning down, put your right hand and right knee on the bench.
  • Grab a dumbbell in your left hand and keep your left leg straight.
  • In the starting position, keep the left arm extended straight downwards with the dumbbell.
  • Now pull that dumbbell upwards to your flanks, pushing your elbow back.
  • Lower the dumbbell down again by straightening your arm.
  • This is one rep. Do 15 for each side.

2. Incline Bench Reverse Fly:

This move is effective for the lats and the whole of the upper back. Using a bench improves the stabilizing so that your lower back does not undergo excessive strain. This move can also be done on an exercise ball.

3. Bent-Arm Pullover:

Here’s another upper back strengthening move, which is effective for chest and shoulders too. You can do it with the dumbbells as well as with the barbell.

  • Lie on your back on the bench and grab a dumbbell in each hand.
  • In the starting position, hold the dumbbells over your chest with your elbows bent slightly.
  • Then, slowly lower the dumbbells behind your head forming an arc.
  • Bring them back over your chest.
  • Do this 15 times.

4. Inverted Row With Leg Lifts:

This move basically is a reverse bench press. It works effectively on the entire back. It becomes more challenging when we add the leg lifts. For this move, make sure your barbell is set firmly highest on the stand.

  • Lie on your back on the flat bench and grip the barbell firmly.
  • Lift your legs and bend them at the knees, so that your calves are parallel to the bench/floor.
  • Now using the barbell, pull your torso up towards the barbell by bending your elbows.
  • Do not lower your legs during the move.
  • Do 15 reps of this.

Benefits Of Back Exercises On A Bench:

A bench has become a staple in every gym and is now becoming common in home gyms too. That is because of its many benefits. Here are some of the many benefits of back exercises on a bench:

  1. Using a bench, especially one that can be adjusted to incline and decline, not only makes many variations of conventional exercises possible, but it also makes them more fun and effective.
  2. Bench also supports your body and is a better stabilizer than the exercise ball which can sometimes lead to imbalance and accidents.
  3. Benches are more sturdy and solid in that sense.
  4. Bench exercises also minimize the strain on the lower back and reduce the possibility of lower back pain and injuries.

Doing these exercises will give a slim, toned and sexy back. Include these exercises in your routine and you will be ready to rock those sexy backless dresses that you love in no time!

Does your workout regime include back exercises? Have you tried any of the exercises mentioned in this article? Share with us! In the comments section below.

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