4 Easy Steps To Get Glittery Lips – Tutorial

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When you look in the mirror before going for a special date night or a club party, what do you see? Do you think, “hmmm, I did everything right and my makeup looks good, but something is still missing”? Then, I would say, you need some sparkle and glitter in your life! All glittery things are not just for little girls playing ‘princess’! We grown ups too love to add a touch of glitter to turn into a party animal! Be it in our dresses, accessories or nail paints, a touch of shimmer, a glaze of sparkle is all that you need to change an ordinary look into one that is ready for a big ticket party. But most of us tend to draw a line when it comes to glittery makeup—that just feels a little over the top, right? But, what is life without some spice or glitter? So, today we have created a makeup tutorial, which will help you rock a gorgeous glittery lip pout. Don’t fret! It is definitely not a very glittery look, we don’t want you to look like a disco ball, after all! So, let’s jump right into the tutorial to give your lips a new twist.

Required Products:

You don’t need anything fancy for this tutorial. Just grab a few simple everyday products from your makeup kitty and you are good to go. Here’s all you’ll need for the glittery lip makeup look:

  • Red lip liner
  • Red lip gloss
  • Glitter (color of your choice, here I have chosen a glittery gold shade to go perfectly with the hot red lip color)
  • Concealer

How To Do Glittery Lip Makeup Tutorial:

Just follow this step by step tutorial and create a look that will surely add sparkle to your life:

Step 1:

Apply a foundation and concealer all over your lips to start with clean lips—a clean canvas, as I like to call it! Layer compact powder over your lips next to stop creasing of the products applied. Then, apply a warm red lip liner all over your lips to define your lips evenly and also to make the lip color last longer.

Step 2:

Then, pick a creamy red lip color and apply it all over your lips. Use a thin lip brush or your fingers and pat the product all over your lips with a very thin layer. I used the Faces Canada lipstick in true red for this step. If you do not have a creamy formula lipstick, don’t worry! You can always use a creamy lip balm like the Maybelline Baby lips or Nivea Fruity Shine lip balm over the red lip color base for this step. It is best to use a lip liner prior to the application of the lipstick for this tutorial as it will help in creating an even finish on the lips.

Step 3:

Layer a transparent or a red tinted lip gloss all over your lips. This step will help in holding the glitter in place and prevent it from spreading out on your lips. Then, take a shimmery golden glittery shade and apply it roughly all over your lips. You can even use a glitter eyeliner or a glitter powder for this step. If you own a lip gloss with high reflecting shimmer particles, then you can also use it to add shimmer. But remember that the eyeliner and powdered formed glitter formulas are preferable as they offer a softer effect on the lips.

Step 4:

Then, use your index or ring finger to softly smudge the golden eyeliner to create an even base. You can reapply lip gloss to get a glossier and luscious lip effect. As I wanted for a subtle glitter lip effect, I skipped reapplying a lip gloss. That’s it! Your glittery lips are ready to party! Go ahead—add a little brightness to your life! You are never too old for glitter!

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