4 Easy Steps To Brighten Your Eyeshadow – Tutorial With Detailed Steps

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Eyeshadows in the makeup palette appear superbly vibrant, bright and colorful, but many a times they fail to transfer the same vibrancy to our eyelids. It can surely be frustrating to have doled out hundreds of rupees for an eyeshadow only to have it look dull on application. Do you face similar problems?

Does your eye makeup appear dull or lacks that bright color intensity that you have always yearned for? I totally understand. I too have gone through several trials and errors to make my eye makeup look brighter and pop out on the eyelids. So, I decided to share the makeup hack on how to make the eyeshadows look bright. Whether you are planning to go for a soft matte look or a shimmery smokey look, this makeup hack will save your eyeshadows and your time!

Products Used:

Here is the list of products that are used to offer a vibrant look to the eyeshadow makeup:

  • Kryolan Eyeshadow primer
  • Tips and Toes White Eyeliner pencil
  • Colorbar Smudge brush
  • Kryolan Flat eyeshadow brush
  • Lakme Eyeshadow Tanjore Rush palette.
  • Colorbar Makeup Finishing Spray

How To Brighten Eyeshadows Makeup?

Follow the steps to brighten the eyeshadows makeup:

Step 1:

We always tend to concentrate on the end makeup result rather than doing right things from the beginning. But, we are definitely not at fault because not all of us understand the ins and outs of makeup like a trained makeup pro or experts. That’s why here at StyleCraze we share the easiest and toughest tricks to keep you all updated.

So, before starting any eye makeup, we have to apply a layer of eye primers. Eye primers help in increasing the wear time of your eyeshadows as well as add brightness to the eyeshadows. It also helps your eyeshadow pop up on your eyelids. Irrespective of your eyelid pigmentation, eye primers help to make the color appear brighter. Apply a tiny amount of eye primer to the entire eyelid area and the lower lash line to increase the wear time of your kajal. Blend the product well to avoid any patches.

Then, apply a creamy white kajal pencil to the entire moving lid area. White eye pencils can be used for lighter colored eyeshadows and black eye pencil for darker colored eyeshadows. Applying white eye pencil increases the color vibrancy of the eyeshadows. They provide a nice coverage and cancels out even the deep eyelid pigmentation. So, your eyeshadow appears as bright on your lids as it does in the palette. Start by covering your moving eyelid area and restrict application above the socket area of your eyes.

Step 2:

Then pick a pencil or a smudge brush. You can also use your clean finger to blend the kajal applied in the earlier step. You would have to be really quick in spreading the white eyeliner as it might set and not move once its formula dries. Like all eye makeup, we want an even base, so blend the sharp edges of the white eye pencil uniformly all over the eyelid.

Step 3:

This step is my personal favorite tip, which never fails. To make your eyeshadows look super bright and intense, all you would have to do in this step is to wet your eyeshadow brush. You can either wet your brush with makeup setting spray like Colorbar Finishing Makeup Spray or Mac Studio Fix Spray.

If you are a budget freak and do not wish to spend on expensive setting sprays, you can even use plain water to dampen your brush and get similar results!

Step 4:

After dampening your eyeshadow brush with finishing spray or water, gently pat your brush over a tissue paper to absorb the excess water. You should remember not to use very wet brush as it might make your eyeshadow formulas run and lose the staying power. Then, pick your favorite eyeshadow and gently pat it all over your eyelid by imitating a dabbing motion for a good color pay off.

Four easy steps and your eyeshadow will appear brighter than ever before!

Try this hack for your eye makeup and be ready to be blown away by the results! And don’t forget to share your views and experience with us in the comments section below.

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