4 Amazing Workouts To Get Better Posture

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Dying to get a lean and fit body? Well, get a better posture first. If you do not have an elegant stance, there are high chances that you will not be able to reach your desired fitness goals. Certain core strengthening exercises help us work on the major muscle groups connecting the spinal cord and the pelvis.

4 Amazing Workouts for Better Posture:

How to practice better posture? Here is described 4 of those exercises that can provide definite dimensions for proper postures.

1. Single-Leg Extension:

  • Start with lying on the floor on your back. Keep your hands at the rear of the head, knees folded and feet flat.
  • Curl your head up gradually. You should push your lower back against the floor while doing this. Also, pull in the abs towards your spinal cord and keep breathing out strongly.
  • Now, start pulling any one knee towards your chest, while extending the other in a straight line. It should form a 45-degree angle with the floor. Make sure that your lower back is pushed against the floor and the abs are pulled in.
  • Your lower back might arch off the ground during this move. Stretch the extended leg in the direction of the ceiling in that case.
  • Now, repeat steps 3 and 4 by switching your legs. You should start your practice with 5-10 leg extensions for each leg, and go up slowly.


Being a core stabilization exercise, it can help your core muscles work in synchronization, making your pelvis stable.

2. Back Extension:

  • Start with lying on the floor on your abdomen. Your palms should face downwards, while resting flat on the floor, just near the ribs.
  • Stretch both of your legs out in the rear, while pushing the frontal parts of your feet against the floor.
  • Draw your abdominal muscles towards the spinal cord and breathe out strongly at the same time.
  • Now, elongate the upper part of your body through your spine. It will help you make use of your back muscles for lifting the head and chest up slowly.
  • Make sure that you do not press your palms against the floor to raise your chest. Also, look down so that your neck muscles remain in the relaxing mode. Then, get back to the previous position gradually.
  • First practice this move at least 3-5 times, and then go up.


It is basically the ‘Cobra Pose’, which makes your major back muscles (called ‘erector spinae’) and other lower back muscles stronger. The spinal cord gets extended easily, and you do not slouch any more.

3. Curl-Up / Crunch:

  • Lie on the floor just like you did during the single-leg extension. Also, pull in your abs in the direction of your spinal cord, while exhaling strongly.
  • Bend your head and shoulders up, and hold the position. At the same time, bring your lower back down to the floor.
  • First practice the move at least 3 times, and then increase the intensity gradually.


This exercise strengthens two major muscle groups named ‘rectus abdominis’ and ‘obliques’. The first one is known as the ‘six-pack muscle’ and the second one helps in swiveling the torso.

4. Plank Pose:

  • At first, lie on the ground on your stomach. Your hands should be placed in such a way that the palms remain under the shoulders.
  • Stretch out both your legs. They should lie in a straight line right behind you with the toes folded under. The posture must look like the top-view of a push-up.
  • You need to avoid a ‘sway back’ at this step. Draw your abdominal muscles in and up towards the spine. Keep your eyes fixed on the ground and hold the position.
  • Take some rest and repeat the move 3-5 times.


It makes two major muscle groups, the ‘transverse abdominis’ and ‘obliques’ stronger. The exercise also helps in building up your back muscles and shoulder muscles.

Just follow these workout for better posture routines for a much better posture.

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